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  • they started playing, and I felt instantly safer and overwhelmed, actually, by the beauty of the sound.

  • I've never seen anything like that in my life, even though there's 100 of them.

  • They also are like one giant.

  • It kind of made me feel really safe.

  • Way to know that there's just this incredible bed of lusciousness to fall back on.

  • I've had to really explore the colors of the orchestra to enhance and Teoh respect Leon songs.

  • A lot of artists they don't want to come out of that comfort zone.

  • They don't wanna, um, relinquish what they used to doing live Wasit kind of one before.

  • You can't tell someone that they can do whatever they want to do artistically, because it's it defeats the purpose.

  • I rarely have strings on my recordings as well, and horns and stuff rarely ad.

  • Those are the bits, so it's for me.

  • It's really like an indulgence.

  • The orchestra is never attempted this before.

  • Orleans never attempted it, so it's a one off.

  • You know, we might never do this again.

  • So for everybody in the room we will sharing that kind of knife edge excitement and anticipation that comes with live orchestral music, which is, for me the most inspiring thing and always has been.

  • I don't respond well to kind of writing a song on demand.

  • I can't really do that.

  • I think it's it's counterintuitive because it's like a response to a particular feeling.

  • So it's like you Congress turn now on would be wanting.

  • I think probably for a lot of people in the audience, there will be a large percentage that might have never seen on orchestral gig before on DSO.

  • They're going to get to hear one of the best auctions in the world, and I've always been a big fan of Leon.

  • Think she's an incredible artist, BBC Symphony or sure, it's a collective of individuals.

  • Huaral, virtuosic on their instruments on, have studied for decades.

  • Teoh achieve an extremely high level of performance.

  • So to me it seemed like the perfect marriage.

  • Really.

  • I definitely go the buck for this.

  • They they are amazing.

  • I love to do this again in some other place or in some other guys.

  • So it be, yeah, be really amazing.

  • So do this again Amazing, prestigious venue and I'm really honored honestly to be here and to be able to form my own songs here with the BBC Symphony Orchestra.

  • No less amateurs, but clean.

  • So thanks for making this possible for me.

  • I really feel lucky.

they started playing, and I felt instantly safer and overwhelmed, actually, by the beauty of the sound.


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連娜-拉哈瓦斯 "瞬間被淹沒 "與 "可愛的 "BBC交響樂團合作 - BBC (Lianne La Havas 'instantly overwhelmed' working with 'luscious' BBC Symphony Orchestra - BBC)

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