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  • Many of us are starting, get another week still at home and so many facing tough times.

  • That's why, in the middle of all this, we want to share with you the moments that give us a bit of hope and a smile.

  • ABC is James Longman has tonight's feel good news.

  • Hi, guys.

  • As you know, I've just got back from two countries where life seems a little bit more normal has been really lovely to catch a glimpse of what our own lives might look like eventually, right?

  • First up, tonight is something actually, that's happening here in the UK It's called 2.6 challenge.

  • It all started yesterday on what would have been 40th ADT London Marathon on.

  • Really, The idea is people are fundraising for charities that have been hit hard by this pandemic.

  • 2.6 26.

  • That's the number of miles in a marathon, of course, and people really could do anything run, juggle just about anything to raise money.

  • All kinds of people are getting involved either doing the fundraising themselves or contributing to it, and even some celebrities are also getting involved.

  • These are some of the videos that we've liked best on weeks into quarantine.

  • It's clear we're away trying to find ways to have fun, however possible, including here in England, these seniors raiding kitchen cabinets for pots and pans in their balcony.

  • Concert.

  • More music now slightly better, though.

  • A California based music school founded by a member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers is spreading joy through music, 50 kids uniting and their rendition off David Bowie's space Oddity on another choir.

  • But it's not just any quiet, this one made up of health workers from an NHS hospital here in the UK there mission is clear, spreading love and positivity.

  • We caught up with one of the singers, nurse Eva de Maddie, on the importance of song.

  • In these challenging times, we have placed quite challenging times at work, and it's quite said, sometimes trouble see, so every time that I'm sad or every time that I have a bad day at work or I feel it'll be down.

  • I'm just thinking about this amazing choir on and start singing off one of our songs.

  • I know, I know.

  • That is very hard.

  • For most most of us, it could be in guaranteeing do not see our loved ones.

  • But the only thing that we can do it is very important is to just keep positive, like think positive that we're gonna get through eat.

  • It's just the storm and after the storm, the sun is coming up Well said.

  • The sun will come out eventually, thanks to either and the Breathe Harmony Choir for inspiring us old.

  • Finally, as always on good news, we want to focus on the love pouring out for healthcare workers on the frontline in particular.

  • Tonight we want to focus on a selfless Rhode Island nurse.

  • Meet Taylor Campbell.

  • She volunteered to work for 21 days at a Metropolitan hospital in hard hit New York City.

  • Taylor posted to Facebook about how on her last day the first patient in her unit had been on a ventilator the entire time, got taken off that ventilator and is now on the road to recovery.

  • We talked to her about what this beautiful moment meant to her.

  • For 15 days.

  • She was my family, and I feel like I was her family.

  • We took the tube out and they put the bypass machine on her.

  • So it's you know, this Mass that covers your nose in your mouth, but you can still see her lips.

  • And she looked right at me and said, I love you.

  • I asked her if she had heard of me talking to her for the last 15 days, and she said Yes.

  • I asked her if I was annoying over the last 15 days and she said no.

  • Um, and I spent a lot of time in the room with her holding her hand and I sat on the bed and we didn't really, you know, talk.

  • She couldn't talk, but she just really wanted her hand to be held.

  • And I just want people to know was family members are on vents or in the hospital right now, and the family isn't able to go and visit them is that we're taking really good care of them, and we're cheating them like they are family.

  • Yeah, so I just I think that that's important because there's a lot of people that are alone, but they're not.

  • We're there for them.

  • And I said, You know, she didn't have human contacts for 15 days, and I was one that was holding her hand and giving her, but she was also giving that to me because I didn't have human contact and there wasn't anyone that I could hug where that someone could holds my hand or give me a high five.

  • You know, we were there.

  • Her and I were there for each other.

  • And over the weekend Taylor finished up.

  • Her 21 day shift on her family gave her the hero's welcome.

  • She really deserved well, that's all from us tonight.

  • Stay safe, everyone, and be good to each other.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

  • Thanks for checking out the ABC News YouTube channel.

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Many of us are starting, get another week still at home and so many facing tough times.


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