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  • the National Institutes of Health has put out the call.

  • If you have survived Cove in 19 your blood plasma could help save lives.

  • This sports reporter battled the Corona virus.

  • Now Gillian Sack of its is showing Inside Edition how she's donating plasma to save other covert 19 patients.

  • If you have had Covert 19 and you can donate, do it here she is at a New York blood center for the procedure.

  • It was just a needle prick, and then you just kind of sit there and you trail, and within 45 minutes you're out of there and you filled up this big yellow bag of plasma.

  • People who fully recovered from the Corona virus are believed to have antibodies in their plasma that can attack the virus.

  • Jillions plasma could potentially save 3 to 4 lives and be used for research.

  • Major personalities like Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson and George Stephanopoulos, who've also recovered from the Corona virus, say they've signed up to donate plasma.

  • I've cleared the virus.

the National Institutes of Health has put out the call.


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體育記者分享她如何捐獻血漿拯救生命的故事 (Sports Reporter Shares How She Donated Her Plasma to Save Lives)

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