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  • well.

  • Masks and face coverings have become such a familiar sight around the country in this Corona virus pandemic, with a number of states now requiring them during visits to essential businesses and on public transportation.

  • But the sight of them can be scary, especially for Children and A.

  • B.

  • C's aerial.

  • Russia has more on what you can do to help lessen their anxiety.

  • Good afternoon, Aerial.

  • Hey, good afternoon, Amy.

  • As you know, kids can ask some pretty tough questions, and this can actually be scary for them.

  • As you mentioned, when they see people out there wearing masks, they see their parents wearing masks were going through this with our five year old son Mayor having some tough conversations.

  • But experts say there are ways to help them adapt to this new normal, and some of them are not only just educational, but they can even be fun.

  • Vacant streets, shuttered businesses, empty playgrounds.

  • The images of this cove, it 19 pandemic are hard for even adults to process.

  • But for kids like four year old Alley and five year old Adriana Alfano, seeing people wearing masks is perhaps the most jarring.

  • If they just thought it was really strange.

  • A new normal.

  • Forcing families like the Alfa knows toe have some tough conversations.

  • It does open up a big kind of work and lots of different questions.

  • Public face covering now recommended by the CDC for adults and Children.

  • Ages two and up How do you think the imagery of people wearing masks can affect kids?

  • Well, initially, when kids see someone wearing a mask, depending on what they associate it with before it could bring up some fear?

  • New Dad and entrepreneur Trevor George and his wife, Morgan, wanted to help ease that anxiety.

  • We believe that in order to solve this, everyone has to do their part with his Michigan based T shirt company struggling when the pandemic hit the economy, it hit us to created mass club.

  • She's like there has to be a way you can help and work with your brands at the same time, rehiring more than 50% of their furloughed employees to produce maths for adults with love characters like Hello, Kitty Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman Way have an eight month old, and when my wife and I put on our Batman are Wonder Woman masks, he immediately reaches for the colors.

  • Wearing a mask as a parent that has a familiar logo can help your child more Easy Mass Club, a passion project with added purpose.

  • And for every mass that's purchased, we donate a medical grade version to first responders in partnership with first responders, Children's Founded, filling a need and creating a bright spot when families needed most.

  • Having some fun, some levity and then mixing that information could be really beneficial.

  • How that is so great.

  • Aerial mass club essentially went viral right from the start.

  • It's not that surprising when you see how great it is.

  • It's been a huge success.

  • Yeah, this has been a great idea, and Trevor says that they have donated nearly 100,000 masks already.

  • Amy, clearly, this idea of wearing a branded logoed mask and also doing some good while you're in the process of that is really resonating.

  • Yeah, it's a win win.

  • I was even saying, I know kids.

  • It's scary to them.

  • It's scary to me sometimes when you see people because it is jarring seeing people in masks all of a sudden, what tools can parents use when they talk about this with their Children?

  • Well, Dr Taylor says, it's important to impress upon your kids that they're taking care of themselves.

  • They're taking care of others.

  • This is a safety precaution, just like wearing a helmet when you ride a bike or buckling your seatbelt when you're in the car.

  • And she also says that it's important to have these honest conversations with your kids just be up front with them.

  • Lead by example.

  • When you're comfortable wearing your own mask.

  • Children see that, and they're more at ease as well makes sense.

  • And kids are certainly resilient.

  • Ariel, thank you so much for bringing us this.

  • We appreciate it.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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