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  • hard hit New York City.

  • Moments of levity, rooftop dance parties, sweat sessions, a place to paint.

  • It's part of a Siri's by Brooklyn photographer Jeremy Cohen.

  • The most bizarre thing was seeing this guy playing tennis on his roof, practicing a served just hitting the ball against the wall.

  • Jeremy racking up hundreds of thousands of followers, likes and shares on Instagram and Tic Tac New York magazine, even asking Jeremy to shoot their cover.

  • I don't know what it is about it, but it is so fascinating to look at and to just see, like a little slice of everybody's lives as they're in quarantine.

  • Tell me about the project and why you started.

  • It was just sitting in my apartment, and I just realized right out my window this thing was happening where all these people were going to their roofs and doing these activities that I haven't noticed before.

  • He calls the Siri's Roof Culture and Quarantine, capturing small moments of humanity and the time of Cove in 19.

  • They have to really write, find these little moments of joy to make the best of this situation.

  • Does it bring you joy getting to see these moments of people's lives.

  • Yeah, when I see these things, these are this.

  • This brings me joy.

  • And then I documented, and hopefully that it will bring other people enjoy that can watch it.

  • One standout moment couple just like in love on that roof.

  • And it was a beautiful moment and I photographed them and I wasn't gonna post this one unless I got consent because it was pretty personal.

  • Jeremy finding creative ways to get in touch with this subjects, holding up big signs, tracking them down on Instagram or relying on friends in the neighborhood to help get in touch Jeremy, adding that he's grateful for the ways the project has lifted his own spirits.

  • It's meant a lot to me because I don't know how I'd be spending all my time without it.

  • It's been a tool to meet other neighbors and friends is the message Jeremy hopes his project sends, whether it's a family dancing with their dog or two pals with their eyes on the skies and stay positive.

  • We got this.

  • We got this Indeed.

  • This past weekend, Jeremy teamed up with dark room and sold prints of his photos from the roof Culture project raising $9000 for invisible hands deliver, which is a non profit helping at risk individuals here in New York.

  • So cool seeing all those people living their lives the best way they can't Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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hard hit New York City.


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