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  • life is starting to get back to normal in some states amidst the Corona virus pandemic, as other states are still struggling in Tennessee and Georgia.

  • Some restaurants opened Monday after weeks of being closed.

  • Thomas Bush was one of the first customers back inside Wild Wing Cafe in Columbus, Georgia.

  • The lady took my temperature when I went in, and they all had on their mass same food.

  • But with health checks in social distancing, every other table will be occupied, marked with yellow tape to signify no seeding at roasters.

  • Restaurant supplies rolled in as owner Steven Leslie stressed the significance of the event.

  • Kind of excited because these are my family motion.

  • But you know, these guys need work.

  • They need to make money.

  • But not all Georgia establishments want to reopen.

  • Ah group of more than 50 restaurants signed an ad that will run in one of Atlanta's newspapers with the hashtag Georgia hospitality together, saying quote, We agree that it's in the best interests of our employees, our guests or community and our industry to keep our dining rooms closed at this time.

  • Meanwhile, other states are announcing plans to reopen on Friday.

  • Texas restaurants museums, libraries and malls will be allowed to open 25% capacity.

  • But not all states are ready to go that far.

  • New York still seen 1000 new cases each day.

  • Governor Andrew Cuomo extending shutdown orders beyond the current mid May mandate for much of New York and more grim news for the state.

  • The New York Times Reporting The medical director of the emergency department at New York Presbyterian Alan Hospital, Dr Lorna Breen, died by suicide.

  • She contracted the virus herself, recovered and gone back toe work, her father telling the Times.

  • Make sure she's praised as a hero because she waas.

  • She's a casualty just as much as anyone else and anguish from her friend.

  • With all these people who are asking for locked down to end.

  • What about us?

  • We didn't sign up for this.

  • And now Word 28 New York City teachers have died of the virus, including 30 year old Rana Zoe Mungin, a Brooklyn teacher who died Monday.

  • Mungin, sister of registered nurse, spoke with ABC News before her death, concerned about how her sister was turned away twice before she was tested for Cove in 19.

  • This was something that came out of nowhere, the virus still ranging in Massachusetts.

  • Nearly 2900 people have died there, half of them and nursing homes.

  • But the governor says the spread of the virus finally seems to have plateau owed Mona back to you.

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life is starting to get back to normal in some states amidst the Corona virus pandemic, as other states are still struggling in Tennessee and Georgia.


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更多的州將重新開放經濟 l ABC新聞 (More states to reopen economies l ABC News)

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