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  • When we do finally go back to work, our office may look something like this.

  • Those circles on the floor, six foot in diameter also sneeze guards in front of the desks and one way walkways throughout the office in the elevator, designated places to stand.

  • We may even see machines like this at the front door.

  • It's a symptom scanner checking your vital signs.

  • I don't like being misrepresented.

  • TV personality Elisabeth Hasselbeck is firing back today at Meghan McCain after the View co host slammed her for urging people to pray during the pandemic when she was a guest on this show.

  • Yes, we're gonna take precautions.

  • Pure 00 Pray that God's got us and our tomorrows.

  • It think it's really, really unfortunate and dangerous that she said that on.

  • I don't need to co host with her again, Hasselbeck responded on Instagram and I will always always call on God in my prayer when things get scary.

  • And CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin is back on the air after a three week battle with Cove in 19.

  • Awesome to be back.

  • Meantime, a wish has come true for Dr Anthony Fauci.

  • Which actor would you want to play.

  • You know Brad Pitt?

  • Of course.

  • Well, it happened on Saturday Night Live.

  • Good evening.

  • I'm Dr Anthony Fauci.

  • First, I'd like to thank all the older women in America who have sent me supportive, inspiring and sometimes graphic emails.

  • The Oscar winner had a personal messages for the highly respected Doctor into the real Dr Fauci.

  • Thank you for your calm.

  • Your clarity in this unnerving time.

  • Thank you to the medical workers, first responders and their families for being on the front line.

When we do finally go back to work, our office may look something like this.


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冠狀病毒如何改變辦公室工作 (How Coronavirus Could Change Office Work)

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