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  • No, you die That it takes you crazy.

  • Honestly.

  • Okay.

  • I could totally see this, like, disintegrating as you drive over.

  • It was just running your head around a cool way.

  • Someone if you're watching this, I told you want to I can put this in my flog because I'm doing behind the scenes.

  • Oh, my God.

  • Was if we make it, Yeah, if we think it, the only question is, how do you do something?

  • Original tests.

  • So the three cause of the way towards from the lens like real source of $200 mushrooms as well for the most expensive mushrooms.

  • If there's something strange in the neighborhood that really all the ghosts of us does I don't know why did I don't know.

  • Most of us does.

  • That's so wanna.

  • I need a flatter stone.

  • Japan, your stones are not flat enough for skimming.

  • We got to a sign of good things to come Now it's dreadful, dreadful record.

  • Well, Mr Donaldson Well, Mr Donaldson, we turned dream into reality.

  • We brought you to the Monkey Park.

  • What do we do now?

  • We've got lots of beautiful temples in this area.

  • There's the rock garden as Well, if you want, check out the shrine's Thean ari in oratory gates.

  • Yeah, we could go to Monster Street.

  • I don't know with AIDS, but is your special day.

  • So we're going to weather wise.

  • You make it sound like a make a Wish Foundation.

  • Don't know very well.

  • It is.

  • You want very well.

  • Very good.

  • Very good of you.

  • Let's go drinking delicious red concoction that looks like you cut your fingers on the glass It's tomorrow juice on beer It's called a red eye and I've only ever seen in Japan reason that it's quite like by a test a test.

  • It takes quite a long time to acquire e Can't get enough of that, okay?

  • Yeah.

  • Dances in occasionally.

  • Tako Yaki in town in London on occasionally on transport, Like things I always come to this one.

  • I've been coming here since I did this story.

  • Come over there.

  • The trial is pleading with rabbits.

  • Do you know where to get the soccer?

  • I want to get my drink on a little way.

  • No way.

  • Yeah, get some shots with the races.

  • That's a big thing.

  • Players especially made to eat with race.

  • You can put your iPhone you get.

  • I want Roman to dominate.

  • Most afraid that my eyes to be like surprise doing this for you show us trumps ever can.

  • We just cooked all of our food you see through leave Mirrored Surface is having a crafty cigarette.

  • And then when he saw me look a t pulled a screen across second state Mama Crafty bag he's under.

  • Oh, yeah, there Is he smiling?

  • He's made the greatest.

  • Go See Starz, those of us stars.

No, you die That it takes you crazy.


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海外日本的日本之旅 [第3、4站--幕後花絮]。 (Abroad in Japan's Journey Across Japan [Leg 3 & 4 - Behind the Scenes])

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