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  • Charlie Brown.

  • You know, I'm going to do a Charlie Brown.

  • I'm going to pretend to hold the football.

  • But when you come running at to kick it, I'm going to pull it away.

  • Okay, Kelly.

  • But never really listen to what women are saying.

  • Do they know?

  • Absolutely not.

  • You must think I'm crazy.

  • You see, You hold the ball, but you won't.

  • You pull it away like you did yesterday and I'll break my neck by Charlie Brown.

  • How you talk?

  • I wouldn't think of such a thing.

  • I'm a changed person since yesterday.

  • I'm no sane person.

  • I change.

  • Look, isn't this a face you can trust?

  • All right.

  • You hold the ball and I'll come running up and kick it.

  • I admire you, Charlie Brown.

  • You have such faith in human nature.

  • My heart is full on the day I first go out to the old ball field.

  • There it is.

  • My pitcher's mound covered with tradition.

  • Dandelions.

  • Don't you dare hurt all those innocent dandy lions.

  • Besides, you may not know it, but you look kind of cute standing there surrounded by Danny Lyons.

  • What world are all these d on the lines doing on the pitcher's mound.

  • They grew here on my stupid girl.

  • Outfielders won't let me cut them down.

  • They say they're Freedy and I looked cute standing here among them.

  • They're right.

  • You do look kind of cute standing there in the middle of all those flowers.

  • I can't get this kite up in the air.

  • I just can Why not leave it on the ground?

  • Actually, it looks kind of nice line there.

  • The red color makes a nice contrast with all the spring grass.

  • It probably wouldn't look half as good up there against the pale blue sky out of here.

  • Oh, since us nicely, I'll lend you a helping hands.

  • Okay, now, stupid.

  • I'm on your side, Taliban.

  • Uh oh.

  • I'm running out of kite string.

  • Lucy, would you mind going to find some?

  • Does my job have a title?

  • Call yourself anything you want, but I need more string E B Coyte assistant maybe.

  • Or even cheese.

  • How about X's kite assistant?

  • Fourth class rats.

  • My cap got blown away.

  • You see, I told you was a good day for flying kites assures my name is Charlie Brown.

  • Today That kite is going to fly for sure Why don't you try wearing the kite and flying your cat?

  • Thanks, Lucy.

  • You're welcome.

  • What space I shared My name is Charlie Brown today.

  • That tight is going Teoh.

  • Okay, here we go again.

  • As sure as my name is not.

  • What's his face today?

  • That kite is going to fly for Sure.

  • Way to go down to the back of your shirt and come out your sleep.

  • Stupid.

  • I mangle you.

  • You know, Linus, I can never go anyplace with another person because that person usually doesn't like me.

  • If I'm with two other people, I always feel that they're talking about me whenever I happen to turn my back.

  • If I'm with three people, I always have the feeling that they don't really need me.

  • I guess that's why I'm usually But what would you do if you feel that no one liked you?

  • I try to look at myself objectively and see what I could do to improve.

  • That's my answer.

  • Charlie Brown.

  • E hate that Answer.

  • If you have some problem in your life, do you believe you should try to solve it right away or think about it for a while?

  • I believe you should think about it for a while to give yourself time to do the right thing about the problem.

  • No.

  • Give it time to go away.

  • What would you say You want most out of life, Charlie Round to be happy?

  • Oh, no, I don't expect that.

  • I really don't.

  • I just don't want to be unhappy.

Charlie Brown.


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