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  • Wash washy wash washy wash

  • Wash your hands

  • Scrub 'em while you sing this song

  • Wash washy wash

  • Washy wash wash

  • Scrub your hands and fingers

  • And the places in between

  • Using soap and water makes your hands so clean

  • Wash your hands

  • Rinse off, you're almost done

  • Five, four

  • Three, two, one

  • (chimes tinkling)

  • - [Narrator] Taking care of yourself

  • is also taking care of others.

  • We're all in this together.

Wash washy wash washy wash


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芝麻街芝麻街:關愛自己,關愛他人|不同的洗手方法 (Sesame Street: Caring For Myself, Caring For Others | Different Ways to Wash Your Hands)

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