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  • in today's video we continue our road trip across Vancouver Island and

    在今天的視頻中,我們繼續前進 穿越溫哥華島和

  • partnership with trover this time visiting three towns in the northern

    這次與Trover合作 參觀北部的三個城鎮

  • part of the island where we have lots of cool nature sightings and also come

    我們有很多的島嶼的一部分 很酷的自然景點,也來了

  • across some rather unusual attractions first up we visited Port Hardy where we

    穿越一些相當不尋常的景點 首先,我們參觀了哈迪港

  • casually encountered a bald eagle locals were very calm about this occurrence but

    偶然遇到了禿鷹當地人 對此事件非常平靜,但

  • the three of us were standing by the water's edge

    我們三個站在旁邊 水邊

  • cooling and eyeing at the display then in Port McNeill that we came across the

    然後冷卻並註視顯示屏 在麥克尼爾港,我們遇到了

  • biggest burl in the world we didn't even know what a burl was up until her visit

    世界上最大的毛刺,我們甚至都沒有 知道她來之前有什麼毛病

  • but we'll tell you guys all about it soon enough and finally we hit up the

    但我們會告訴大家 很快,最後我們達成了

  • picturesque seaside village of telegraph cove where we learned all about killer

    如詩如畫的海濱電報村 我們了解到所有關於殺手的小海灣

  • whales and came face to face with two deer who seemed blissfully unaware of

    鯨魚和兩個面對面 似乎幸福地沒有意識到的鹿

  • her presence it was a great day and we can't wait to share it all with you in

    她的存在是美好的一天,我們 等不及要與您分享所有內容

  • this video


  • good morning from Port Alice it is a new day it is a cloudy day but it feels

    從愛麗絲港早上好,這是一個新的 那天是陰天,但感覺

  • pretty nice out it feels cool fresh it's a very small town here okay I don't

    很不錯,感覺很爽 這裡的一個很小的小鎮

  • think there is more than a thousand people population in this place there is

    認為有一千多 這個地方的人口

  • a water right here behind us a lot of small houses and something that caught

    我們後面的水很多 小房子和一些東西

  • our attention is that in front of each house there is a small fishing boat so I

    我們的注意力是在每個人面前 屋子裡有一艘小漁船,所以我

  • guess fishing here must be amazing if you have all the households with a boat

    猜想在這裡釣魚一定很棒 你們所有的家庭都有船

  • at the doorsteps there the garage that means that they use it and today the

    在門口有車庫 意味著他們使用它,今天

  • plan is to try and visit three towns that are fairly close together we have

    計劃是嘗試參觀三個城鎮 我們在一起的距離很近

  • Port Hardy Port McNeill Telegraph Cove there are small towns but they have

    哈迪港麥克尼爾港口電報灣 有一些小鎮,但是他們有

  • unusual attractions well let's get in the car and let's get started get

    不尋常的景點好吧,讓我們進入 汽車,讓我們開始吧

  • driving


  • so we just stopped here on the side of the road we're about four kilometers

    所以我們只是在這裡停了下來 我們大約四公里的路

  • outside of Port Hardy but we wanted to take a picture with the town sign and

    在哈迪港以外,但我們想 用城市標誌拍照

  • while we were snapping a photo we also noticed this giant blade it's like what

    在拍攝照片時,我們還 注意到這個巨大的刀片,就像

  • do they call the windmill windmill the middle blade yeah then we started

    他們把風車叫做風車嗎 中間刀片是的,然後我們開始

  • reading a little bit about the Cape Scott wind project that apparently

    閱讀一些有關開普敦的信息 斯科特風項目顯然

  • provides electricity for several communities here one of them being

    為幾個人供電 這裡的社區之一

  • port alice where we're staying right now we're port hardly port McNeill and port alice

    愛麗絲港我們現在要住的地方 我們幾乎沒有港口麥克尼爾港口和愛麗絲港口

  • oh wow yeah the communities get the electricity the energy from that wind

    哦,是的,社區得到了 用電將風中的能量

  • farm that is located right here and you've got a wind farm 55 turbines each

    位於這裡的農場 您有一個風力發電場,每台55台渦輪機

  • Blaine is 49 meters in length 7.5 tons of weight on when this the whole thing

    布萊恩長49米,身高7.5噸 整個時間的重量

  • is assembled the windmill is assembled you got 80 meters and the circumference

    組裝風車組裝 你有80米和圓周

  • around all the tree blades is 100 meters big baby huh yeah yeah so this one was

    周圍所有的葉片都是100米 大寶貝,是的,所以這個是

  • damaged when they were building the wind farm this one was damaged beyond repair

    他們在築風時受損 農場,這一個被損壞,無法修復

  • so the town started like a petition to have it you know mounted here on display

    所以這個小鎮開始像一個請願書 你知道它安裝在這裡嗎

  • and also to help raise more awareness about green energy in this area so

    並幫助提高意識 關於這個地區的綠色能源

  • that's what it is now onwards to Port Hardy let's go this probably seems like

    那就是現在到港口的東西 哈代我們走吧,這可能看起來像

  • a bit of a random roadside stop but they also had giant info boards with tourist

    有點隨機的路邊停車,但他們 也有與遊客巨大的信息板

  • information on each of the surrounding communities and nearby islands so it

    有關每個周圍環境的信息 社區和附近的島嶼

  • turned out to be a good place to get some ideas of things to do in the area

    原來是個好地方 有關該地區要做的事情的一些想法

  • well guys we're here in Port Hardy down by the beach there was a huge commotion

    好傢伙,我們在哈迪港 在海邊有個大騷動

  • a few moments to go because there was a salmon a fish already dead floating on

    要走一會兒,因為有一個 三文魚一條已經死掉的魚

  • the water's edge and these birds were going crazy the seagulls

    水的邊緣,這些鳥是 瘋狂的海鷗

  • now they've quieted down because they ate the whole thing but at one point

    現在他們已經安靜了,因為他們 吃了一整件事

  • this Eagle this bald eagle swooped down and scared them all away it was also

    這頭鷹這頭禿鷹俯衝而下 並把他們都嚇走了

  • trying to like catch fish yeah it was amazing we saw a bald eagle and we were

    試圖喜歡釣魚,是的 令人驚訝的是,我們看到了一隻白頭鷹,

  • not planning to see one of those but yeah there is another one up there and

    不打算看到其中之一,但 是的,那裡還有另一個

  • you see you may wonder why the name bald eagle when bald is someone that has no

    你看你可能會奇怪為什麼這個禿頭 禿頭時沒有老鷹的人

  • hair oh just right over to the yes you're telling us about the meaning

    頭髮哦,就在右邊 你是在告訴我們這個意思

  • about the meaning of the name bald you know bald is someone with no hair right

    關於光頭這個名字的含義 知道禿頭是沒有頭髮的人吧

  • bald eagle you mean like an eagle with no feathers but actually the name ball

    禿頭鷹,你的意思是像一隻鷹 沒有羽毛,但實際上是名字球

  • comes from the old English language when bald meant white so in the old all old

    來自舊英語 禿頭的意思是白色,所以在舊的所有舊的

  • days when they first came here the settlers and they saw this magnificent

    他們第一次來到這裡的日子 定居者,他們看到了這個宏偉的

  • bird and they saw dye has white the head that's why they called it bald eagle you

    鳥,他們看到染料的頭白了 這就是為什麼他們稱它為禿頭鷹

  • know the white eagle it's just perched atop a tree just

    認識白鷹 它只是棲息在樹上

  • watching the horizon I think if we stay here a little bit longer she's fishing

    看著地平線,我想如果我們留下 她在這裡再釣魚一點

  • action she's fishing a few minutes ago she was going to catch a fish and the

    幾分鐘前她在釣魚的動作 她要去釣一條魚,

  • water there probably a salmon or something like that but at the last

    那裡澆水可能是鮭魚或 這樣的東西,但最後

  • minute it looks like the fish went deep and she aborted the word demission

    一分鐘,好像魚已經深了 她放棄了辭職一詞

  • demission we almost almost that close of capturing

    退役 我們幾乎接近捕獲

  • on film when it's that moment fishing yeah that's another so now that piece of

    在電影上那一刻釣魚 是的,那是另一回事,

  • wildlife that we are seeing and we are not doing too bad ya know so far so good

    我們看到的野生生物 並沒有做的太糟糕,你知道到目前為止一切都很好

  • we're we're we're hoping for a cougar yeah and an elk now if we see those two

    我們是我們希望美洲獅 是的,如果我們看到那兩個,現在是麋鹿

  • anyway all the checkmarks are gonna be look at

    無論如何 所有的複選標記將要看

  • this guy hi there so yeah let's keep on with the

    這傢伙 您好,所以是的,讓我們繼續

  • expedition and we'll bring you along of course the bald eagle encounter pretty

    探險,我們將帶您 當然,白頭鷹遇到漂亮

  • much made our visit to Port Hardy we then walked along the waterfront where

    我們造訪了哈迪港, 然後沿著海濱漫步

  • we spotted a curious seal peeping its head out of the water plus we saw some

    我們發現了一個好奇的海豹偷窺 跳出水面,我們看到了一些

  • impressive totems it was a short visit but we really enjoyed the town

    令人印象深刻的圖騰,這是一次短暫的訪問 但是我們真的很喜歡這個小鎮

  • from there we continued our drive towards Port McNeill but we pull down a

    從那裡我們繼續前進 往麥克尼爾港口,但我們向下拉

  • logging road just shy of the town to visit rather unique attraction this

    偏僻的伐木路 參觀相當獨特的景點

  • right here is a burl a burl is a knotty growth on a tree that can occur on the

    就在這裡,是個a頭 在樹上生長

  • trunk at the base of the tree or even underground in the form of a rounded

    樹幹在樹的底部甚至 地下呈圓形

  • growth it's the result of stress on the tree due to injury of fungus or an

    增長是壓力的結果 因木耳或真菌的傷害而造成的樹

  • insect infestation so we are on the outskirts of Port McNeill we just pulled

    昆蟲出沒,所以我們在 我們剛剛拉開了麥克尼爾港的郊區

  • off on this little logging road here and we have discovered the world's largest

    在這條伐木小路上 我們發現了世界上最大的

  • burl so basically it was a spruce burl and when they found this it was

    所以基本上是雲杉 當他們發現這是

  • basically a 350 year old spruce tree that was seventy nine point

    基本上是350歲 七十九點的雲杉樹

  • six meters in height and 1.8 meters in diameter so you can imagine just how

    高6米,高1.8米 直徑,所以您可以想像

  • wide it was the weight of the burl now listen to this twenty thousand three

    寬的是現在的重量 聽這二十三萬

  • hundred and sixty one kilograms so I mean he imagined the size of that thing

    611公斤,所以我 意思是他想像著那東西的大小

  • we also noticed to preserve the burl they've got like some kind of a

    我們還注意到保留了 他們就像某種

  • fiberglass coating or something on the top when you're gonna see the video or a

    玻璃纖維塗層或 當您要觀看視頻或

  • picture it doesn't look real no because it has a fiberglass coating to protect

    圖片看起來並不真實,不是因為 它有玻璃纖維塗層來保護

  • it if you like quirky attractions this one is worth the detour we added this

    如果你喜歡這個古怪的景點 一個值得繞道而行的,我們加了這個

  • place to trover and included detailed directions to help you guys get there

    行人天橋和詳細的地方 幫助你們到達那裡的方向

  • since it is down a dirt road just outside the Talon we then drove into

    因為它在一條土路上 然後在利爪外面開車進入

  • Port McNeill to have a little wander around town and check out the marina

    麥克尼爾港有一點徘徊 在城鎮周圍逛逛碼頭

  • yeah we made it we made it it's only about 20-25 minutes away from Port Hardy

    是的,我們做到了,只有它 距哈迪港約20-25分鐘

  • yeah it was just a short drive yeah and all of a sudden the Sun has come out it

    是的,只是很短的車程,是的, 突然太陽出來了

  • is sunny once more yeah different kinds of towns but uh

    再次晴朗 是的,不同的城鎮,但是

  • feels a bit small this one feels smaller it's a little quieter feels a little

    感覺有點小,這個感覺更小 稍微安靜一點

  • more remote and uh I like it here behind us we have tons of fishing boats the

    更偏遠,我在後面喜歡它 我們我們有大量的漁船

  • harbor we have the harbor and we've also got the ferry terminal here which I

    港口我們有港口,我們也有 我到了輪渡碼頭

  • think we're gonna be making use of in the next few days to go to alert Bay BC

    認為我們會利用 接下來的幾天去提醒BC省

  • Ferries and Sountula - yes - lies the village I believe I

    渡輪和苦瓜 -是的-我相信我所在的村莊

  • believe that song Malcolm Island yeah we can't wait to do that in fact we're

    相信那首歌Malcolm Island是的 迫不及待想做到這一點,事實上,我們

  • probably gonna do that tomorrow but for the time being I think we're just gonna

    也許明天會那樣做,但是 暫時我想我們只是

  • walk around the marina here soak in the Sun the weather is just incredible at

    漫步在這里浸泡在碼頭 太陽天氣真是令人難以置信

  • the moment and yeah just enjoyed this kind of chilled port vibe that we're that

    當下,是的,只是喜歡這個 就是那種那種冷淡的港口氛圍

  • we have here in Port McNeill


  • have you already chosen your favorite boat my dad has I like the big tugboat

    你已經選擇了自己喜歡的 爸爸讓我喜歡的船

  • over there oh the tugboat yeah your aren't even after a sail it's called the

    哦,那拖船呀,你的 甚至沒有經過風帆被稱為

  • new masked warrior I'm going for the most robust one here in the heart

    我要去的新蒙面戰士 心中最強大的一個

  • alright anyways we've got another place to go visit we are going to telegraph

    好吧,無論如何,我們還有另一個地方 去參觀,我們要電報

  • cove and that's an even smaller town yeah when I was reading information

    海灣,那是一個更小的城鎮 是的,當我閱讀信息時

  • about this town it said that it has 20 inhabitants :

    關於這個城鎮 它說有20個居民:

  • yeah maybe some of them look maybe some of the people who work there actually

    是的,也許有些人看起來有些 實際上在那里工作的人

  • live here so it's not that far from here yeah I can't wait to go see it I think

    住在這裡,所以離這裡不遠 是的,我等不及要看了

  • it's gonna be so scenic


  • we continue to drive towards telegraph cove which may very well be the most

    我們繼續朝著電報的方向前進 最有可能成為最多的海灣

  • picturesque town we visited during our whole Vancouver Island Road trip

    我們在參觀期間風景如畫的小鎮 整個溫哥華島路之旅

  • Telegraph cove started out as a fishing in cannery village but today it's an eco

    電報灣開始是釣魚 在罐頭工廠裡,但今天是一個生態

  • tourism destination where you can embark on a number of adventures including

    您可以出發的旅遊目的地 在許多冒險中,包括

  • kayaking trips whale watching excursions and even grizzly bear tours

    皮划艇之旅賞鯨之旅 甚至是灰熊之旅

  • alright guys so we are taking a little break at the killer whale cafe it is 3

    好的,所以我們要花一點時間 在虎鯨咖啡廳休息是3

  • o'clock time for tea cake coffee a little mid-afternoon pick me up

    下午茶蛋糕咖啡的時間 下午一點點接我

  • I'm having a cup of tea cozy a cappuccino for me Sam ordered a monster

    我在喝一杯舒適的茶 對我來說,卡布奇諾山姆定了一個怪物

  • cake that he's not planning to share no I'm getting the chocolate peanut butter

    他不打算分享的蛋糕 我要巧克力花生醬

  • cheesecake good shots of shots of the cake must film the cake before he eats

    芝士蛋糕的好鏡頭 蛋糕吃之前必須把蛋糕拍成膜

  • it why so what do you have there guys I'm in heaven at the moment I have an

    為什麼呢,那你們那裡有什麼 我在天堂的那一刻

  • enormous cappuccino and I wasn't gonna get a drink but when I saw your

    巨大的卡布奇諾咖啡,我不會 喝一杯,但是當我看到你

  • cappuccino I'm like I rather get one too so big that is now the greedy part about

    卡布奇諾咖啡,我也想拿一杯 這麼大,現在是貪婪的部分

  • what's going on here is I have peanut butter and chocolate cheesecake and it

    這是怎麼回事我有花生 黃油和巧克力芝士蛋糕和它

  • looks like it's been - rizal this with caramel sauce - guys how's that

    看起來好像一直-rizal與 焦糖醬-伙計們

  • Sam has been talking about the killer whale cafe for days so I'm glad you're

    山姆一直在談論殺手 鯨魚咖啡館好幾天了,很高興你能

  • cute I didn't I didn't know they had such a good cakes but yeah so decadent

    可愛,我沒有,我不知道他們有 這麼好的蛋糕,但是是那麼腐朽

  • mm-hmm and I think after this we're gonna go visit the killer whale

    嗯,我想之後 去拜訪虎鯨

  • interpretive center just around the corner yeah I think yep oh good

    解釋中心就在 角落,是的,我想是的,很好

  • cappuccino - I got my happy place my cup of tea yeah it was about red rose speed

    卡布奇諾咖啡-我讓我快樂的地方杯了 茶是的,那是關於紅玫瑰的速度

  • yeah they served it to the Queen and they advertise until they serve it to

    是的,他們送達女王 他們做廣告,直到他們服務

  • the Queen and she was amazed by this tea and she says get it and the butler says

    女王,她對這杯茶感到驚訝 她說得到,管家說

  • mom sold only in Canada and the Queen says after a little mid-afternoon treat

    媽媽只在加拿大和皇后區出售 說在下午中段的一點治療之後

  • we walked over to the whale interpretive center which was founded in 2002 and

    我們走向鯨魚的解釋 成立於2002年的中心

  • seeks to raise public awareness about marine mammals and the threats they face

    試圖提高公眾對 海洋哺乳動物及其面臨的威脅

  • the whale interpretive center is home to one of the best collections of marine

    鯨魚解說中心是 最好的海洋收藏之一

  • mammal skeletons in British Columbia and their exhibits include a killer whale

    不列顛哥倫比亞省的哺乳動物骨骼和 他們的展品包括虎鯨

  • sperm whale river otter sea otter Pacific white-sided dolphin harbor seal

    抹香鯨河獺海獺 太平洋白面海豚港海豹

  • and more here we learned that each killer whale pod has their own dialect

    在這裡,我們了解到每個 虎鯨豆莢有自己的方言

  • of sounds they even had audio recordings so we were able to listen to what the

    他們甚至有錄音的聲音 所以我們能夠聽

  • various pods around Vancouver Island sound like it was very cool of course we

    溫哥華島周圍的各種豆莢 聽起來當然很酷,我們

  • added this place to trover because it's a must visit if you make it out to

    將此地點添加到了trover,因為 如果您要去的話一定要去

  • Telegraph Cove


  • final stop of the day was Telegraph cove would you guys think of it very nice

    當天的最後一站是電報灣 你們會覺得很好嗎

  • yeah very picturesque yes yeah yeah they've they've kept it like the way it

    是的,風景如畫,是的,是的 他們一直保持著它的方式

  • was in the beginning and this this place okay these all the houses are not

    在一開始,這個地方 好吧,這些房子都不是

  • occupied right now they look nice from the

    佔據 現在他們從

  • exterior but this kind of like a tourist attraction right yeah they're not family

    外觀,但這種像遊客 吸引人是的,他們不是家庭

  • homes anymore it's more like a tour operator each house has like a little

    房屋越來越像旅行 操作員每個房子都有一點點

  • information section telling who used to live here what they did where they were

    信息部分告訴誰曾經 住在這裡他們所做的事

  • from it's it's a very nice place to visit if you are ever around these

    這是一個非常好的地方 如果您在這些地方附近,請訪問

  • latitudes so you know take a drive and come and visit and you will not be

    緯度,所以你知道開車 來參觀,您將不會

  • disappointed no yeah it feels like the time is spending still yeah did you guys

    沒失望,是的,感覺像 時間還在花,是的,你們

  • enjoy the museum it's funny because here all of a sudden you know we're talking

    享受博物館的樂趣,因為這裡 突然間你知道我們在說話

  • or filming a clip and also what is that suspend the whole day

    或拍攝剪輯,那是什麼 暫停一整天

  • the wildlife is everywhere we've seen as much as we wanted to see and beyond what

    野生動物無處不在 就像我們想看到的一樣

  • we were expecting to see when it comes to wildlife Yeah right

    我們期待看到它何時到來 到野生動物是的,對

  • okay let's go


  • we didn't hike more than five minutes before we had a surprise two deer

    我們徒步不超過五分鐘 在我們吃驚的兩隻鹿之前

  • munching on shrubs and bushes they were just a few meters away from us

    嚼灌木和灌木 他們離我們只有幾米

  • and their little snack must have been very tasty because they didn't even look

    他們的小點心一定是 非常好吃,因為他們甚至都沒有看起來

  • up at us


  • and that's it for today's adventure on Vancouver Island in the next episode we

    這就是今天的冒險之旅 下一集溫哥華島

  • take the ferry over to alert Bay where we discover the meaning behind totem

    乘渡輪到警戒灣 我們發現圖騰背後的含義

  • poles at the Nagas original burial ground we learn about the gift-giving

    納迦原始墓葬的兩極 我們了解送禮的基礎

  • tradition known as a potlatch at the you mystic cultural center and we also come

    在您身邊被稱為陶壺的傳統 神秘的文化中心,我們也來

  • across the world's largest totem pole directly outside the big house all that

    橫跨世界上最大的圖騰柱 就在大房子外面

  • and more in the next episode so we'll see you soon

    還有下一集的更多內容,因此我們將 再見

in today's video we continue our road trip across Vancouver Island and

在今天的視頻中,我們繼續前進 穿越溫哥華島和


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