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  • I hate Krabby Patties.

  • Good one, Squidward.

  • Everyone loves Krabby Patties.

  • Yeah, well not me.

  • You know what we say.

  • The only people who don't like a Krabby Patty have never tasted one.

  • That's me, never had one, never will.

  • Well, you've gotta have one right now!

  • No wonder you're always so miserable. Here, try this.

  • Get that garbage out of my face!

  • - Open up the tunnel. - No.

  • But it's good for you.

  • Good for you? That thing is a heart attack on a bun.

  • No Squidward, I meant... good for your soul.

  • Oh please, I have no soul.

  • - Come on, Squidward. - No.

  • - You won't be sorry. - No!

  • It's delicious.

  • Listen SpongeBob, how long are you prepared to keep this up?

  • Give me that.

  • When I die, you stay away from my funeral.

  • Why, this Krabby Patty may be the most...

  • Horrible, putrid, poorly prepared, disgusting excuse for a sandwich, it has ever been my displeasure to have slither down my throat!

  • - But... - And I curse this Krabby Patty!

  • And all who enjoy them to an early and well deserved grave!

  • Come on! Come on! Come on!

  • Still alive!

  • So delicious!

  • I gotta have more. I gotta have more!

  • I gotta sneak one, just one.

  • Then I'm off the stuff for good.

  • - SpongeBob? - Yes, Squidward?

  • I need a Triple Krabby Supreme on a kelp bun, with extra sea pickle and burn it to a crisp, OK?

  • Coming right up!

  • Listen Squidward, I wanna apologize for before.

  • We don't all have to like the same thing.

  • Don't go.

  • While I strongly disagree with your decision, I accept it.

  • You know what? It's not often I get to make one like this.

  • I wanna see the look on their face when they take that first bite.

  • Triple Krabby Supreme!

  • Triple Krabby Supreme?

  • Why don't you just leave it out here in case they come back?

  • No, a patty this special should be eaten fresh and--

  • Well, I haven't had one of these babies in over 20 minutes. so...

  • Honey...

  • Ugh, oh!

  • I have got to get my hands on a Krabby Patty, and no one's gonna stop me!

  • Holy shrimp!

  • All that matters is that it's just you and me and nobody--

  • Squidward?

  • - Is that you? - What are you doing here?

  • I always come to work at 3 AM.

  • What are you doing here?

  • - Uh, I forgot my-- - And why is the patty vault open?

  • And why do you look so hungry and--

  • You like Krabby Patties, don't you Squidward?

  • Yes!

  • Yes, I admit it SpongeBob!

  • I love Krabby Patties!

  • Squidward, how many are you eating?

  • Squidward!

  • Squidward, you can't eat all those patties at one time!

  • What's gonna happen? Am I gonna blow up?

  • No, worse. It'll go right to your thighs.

  • My thighs?

  • And then you blow up.

  • Yeah, I remember my first Krabby Patty.

I hate Krabby Patties.


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章魚哥的第一個蟹皇堡?| 海綿寶寶 (Squidward’s First Krabby Patty ? in 5 Minutes! | SpongeBob SquarePants)

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