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  • Tottori prefecture might be japan's least populated prefecture

  • however this place has

  • everything

  • Since it's located along the coastline of the sea of Japan you can enjoy the best of both worlds

  • the Sea and the Mountains and

  • Also, not to mention Japan's most famous engine is here in Tottori as well

  • Apart from the wide range of Outdoor activities you can also experience a more common and traditional side to Tottori

  • learning history and culture

  • Meet the friendly locals

  • And try out the fresh and delicious local cuisine

  • And I have got to say out of the 32 or 47 prefectures

  • I have visited in Japan Tottori is now definitely one of my top three personal favourites

  • So every time to step off the beaten path and discover to Tottori

  • Access here is easy with direct flights from tokyo

  • Direct buses from most of the major cities will get you here and trains running from many areas such as Kyoto and Osaka

  • Now let's go to our first stop. Which is a restaurant surrounded by forest

  • Miteki-En servers organic Japanese cuisine and lets you enjoy your meal outside surrounded by a very peaceful atmosphere

  • First of all, yeah we review under your device and I need to take a look

  • okay

  • We're going to sit here and eat plants

  • next we're heading to the coast of Satori and the best way to travel around Tottori is actually by a rental car

  • However buses and trains can also get you to these locations

  • Uradome Coast is popular for clear waters, so I decided to try out the clear Kayaks

  • we're ready to go

  • Uradome Coast is designated as one of Japan natural treasures and is voted as one of Japan's best Coastlines

  • the coast has many sites to see like caves

  • cliffs and Lad rocks of unusual shapes there are also boat tours that go around the coast however

  • I wanted to see the site up close and personal so I decided to go on the clear kayaks

  • it's Also a very popular place for those who love snorkeling and diving

  • so today wasn't so clear but if it was on a clear day we could see all the way down to the-

  • the transparency is like 25 five meters

  • oh wow, that's a lot

  • not many foreigners come here so I want you to know this place and come and enjoy the beautiful ocean

  • Next it's my favorite time of the day, dinner time! and we're going to go to this restaurant where ShabuShabu was originated

  • day 2 we got up bright and early and headed to the famous Tottori Sand Dunes for some fun!

  • These Sand Dunes are the largest Sand Dunes in Japan and if you happen to visit here

  • Don't just see it but try out the many activities that can be done here like paragliding sand boarding

  • Sunrise Yoga and so much more

  • It's so heavy

  • This is a good morning, workout.

  • Super super fun experience

  • I mean the first time I

  • Landed and I landed right on my stomach and then I got all the said like in my pants now

  • But the second and third time I got my landing right so a big round of applause for me, the sun's coming out it's getting hot

  • let's go to our next location

  • Tottori is well known for their delicious pears, so we can't go home without trying out the pears

  • Okay, let's go pick some pears now

  • oh

  • It's so sweet and it's so juicy

  • And if you come to Tottori you should definitely check out the indoor sand museum

  • It's so big-it's bigger than I thought

  • Next we headed over to the fish market for some lunch

  • Being so close to the sea, Tottori has a lot of fresh seafood you can enjoy

  • The restaurant we went to lets you enjoy seafood at it's freshest as they catch the fish right out of the tank in front of you

  • This restaurant specialty is their raw squid and my local friends recommended me to try it so let's see how that goes

  • So if you squeeze lemon and put it here, the legs will apparently come alive

  • It's like it's dancing

  • Actually I don't really like

  • raw

  • Squid, but I'm gonna do it for you guys and since I'm in Tottori right now

  • oh

  • It's not as slimy as I thought it would be

  • Afterwards we got the squid legs deep-fried and there are also

  • many other fresh sea-food you can try out if you're not a fan of raw squid.but actually the squid was pretty good

  • It didn't have a slimy texture or strong taste, and it was a really fun experience overall

  • Next we have come to this place which specializes in making Japanese paper, and we're going to take a class to make a lampshade

  • This type of Japanese paper is tougher than ordinary paper because it's made from wood pulp

  • and this is what it should look like when you put it in your room

  • And lastly we will be spending the night in a hot springs town and staying in the traditional Japanese Inn

  • I Love to stay in a Japanese Inn

  • But I love the atmosphere more when it's in a hot spring town, and you can just go down for a nice peaceful stroll

  • So peaceful here listening to the sound of the water

  • This is such a beautiful onsen town really it is, and at nighttime

  • They've got a festival going on so I'm really looking forward to that

  • And there's nothing better than ending your day with a nice traditional Japanese meal

  • Staying in the Japanese Inn truly gives you the whole Japanese experience

  • So I recommend staying at Japanese Inn at least once in your life

  • Also check out the hot spring town at night because the shops open and the town comes more alive

  • I hope you guys enjoyed part one of my Tottori trip and part 2 will be coming out very soon

  • put your life on the edge

Tottori prefecture might be japan's least populated prefecture


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日本人口最少的縣|鳥取縣旅遊指南 (Japan's Least Populated Prefecture | Tottori Prefecture Travel Guide)

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