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  • Charlie Brown Sometimes it's Oh, yes, ma'am.

  • I'm ready.

  • Lynn, I've brought my the first lady from my sponsor brought to you through the courtesy have our country's cheese.

  • Miley of collection was gathered for many lines and alongside many kids.

  • Now a preferred from my second sponsor clothe those bloody cotton balls that flew in the sky.

  • And from which comes my third sponsor, which is the rain comes from.

  • And what is the full upon which hit the trees?

  • Which brings us back to my first.

  • I want to show it Tell and then they don't want you to show in town.

  • Look at what?

  • So what?

  • Get back.

  • Broken it.

  • Well, can't you explain what happened to your teacher, Taylor?

  • They so big brother going to help me help you?

  • Of course It's your problem.

  • You saw it.

  • This is my point.

  • It What follows is my report.

  • Yes, this is my three point.

  • So it is eyes.

  • Is it three point?

  • A great explanation.

  • Our assignment with three point It said the one picture is with what we have here is a couple of pictures, uh, waypoint on the ocean.

  • The ocean is full of water you may sing.

  • What?

  • That question.

  • Sometimes it's easy to get back down on these rip lakes.

  • Point on the there they are no oceans.

  • They are no oceans in Minnesota.

  • No, I'm Yes, ma'am.

  • I thought you wanted us to go into details.

  • I two c is filled with many wonderful creatures There.

  • Also many wonderful creatures on, I think, the other wonderful creatures which may not be so wonderful.

  • I got a failing grade on my ocean report that you wanted me to tell.

  • I know, never get meteo.

  • No good heavy mining.

  • It's the same thing.

  • Put on your shoes and go to school.

  • No, this morning is different.

  • They've got us in a mobile attendance module.

  • It means we don't have to walk.

  • It means that now there's a school bus and right here is the mobile attendance module bus stop there.

  • Then we'll wait over there in that little shelter.

  • It doesn't have a team.

  • Me?

  • No, But the worst thing is going to be putting up with all those kids screaming.

  • That's no problem.

  • I'll just I know that I'm not your sweet baboon when they crawl the school on my hands and knees before I sit with you, I'm sure he'll insist that I sit five a week ago.

  • Holland ships that use it on the roof.

  • Well, do you like movies now in the school?

  • Well, let's just walk.

  • Then way.

  • Have plenty of time being understanding.

  • Big Father.

  • I didn't want to run on the bus either.

Charlie Brown Sometimes it's Oh, yes, ma'am.


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花生 - 它只是沒有好的 (Peanuts - It's Just No Good)

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