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  • guys like 11.

  • 30.

  • I just finished up with the meeting on actually, right beside me.

  • This thing I want to show you.

  • It's this restaurant right here, which is called Golden Punchy.

  • For those of you who don't know how much he is actually the restaurant the fight scene from Kill Bill in the restaurant was based off and it doesn't look exactly the same, but you kind of get a feel for it.

  • I'm in the upper area right now in the upper area, isn't actually open for lunch, but they've let me up here just so I can kind of show it to you guys.

  • A few years ago, I actually came here for, like, my birthday lunch with Charlotte and Sherry and a couple other people way meals.

  • There are actually really big.

  • So if you're worried about portion size being too small, you definitely know what the word there I am fall.

  • And this seems like as good a time as any to mention that I'm actually heading off to the States Pretty soon, I figured I'd give a little bit more of a heads up this time because I always leave it really last minute from the 23rd of this month, I am gonna be heading to North Carolina for something called and amazement on.

  • I'm bringing to shamisen players with me, Kiki, and I'm gonna be conducting a panel.

  • So once I have more information on it, I will get down below for you guys, Theo.

  • Goal today is to kind of box off as many food videos as possible.

  • I'm doing them for Yahoo, and I don't think I've ever actually talked about that on here.

  • But I create videos for Yahoo, Japan and the majority of the videos that I do on their end up, either being like a remix of something that I've done here on Tokyo Lens or being food video because I don't really do food videos on here.

  • Which is how today's turned into me making food, video, making videos, about making food videos, making videos about making videos about food.

  • So before we continue on with the day, I'm gonna swing by shake Shack and do a little piece of Yahoo content there.

  • It will be linked down below if you're interested in seeing any of it.

  • But I'm already certainly getting pretty full coming completely clean with you guys.

  • It took me like probably over an hour to finish in there lunch, finishing up a burger and shake.

  • Is thistles a challenge?

  • It's only been like ours.

  • I definitely need a break from food.

  • So we're gonna have a habit of I have been having a, like, a like a week.

  • I clearly come here way too often.

  • And there's one very specific purpose that I've come out here for today on that is needed New back, back.

  • This one has served me well for the last year or so, but it is starting to get worn out and beat up.

  • And honestly, I think I'd be better served to the proper camera backpack at this point.

  • Just never picked one up because they haven't been able to find when I like.

  • And today I want to solve that problem.

  • Good bag.

  • So?

  • So, Price.

  • So we're gonna take a peek online.

  • I completely forgot about the festival out here every year around this time right before Sun.

  • Jamaat City.

  • They do condom on city right here.

  • Not having before we leave.

  • I haven't ever gonna swing by a place that I haven't been to in a long time.

  • Last time I came out here with my little brother Alexander, when he was in Japan.

  • Alright, guys.

  • So it's like two days later I got the backpack.

  • By the way, it was a lot cheaper than it wasn't your tobashi and Victor's with me.

  • And today we are going to get pizza.

  • But not here.

  • Not not that pizza Better, much better pizza thing.

  • Tunnels and creepy at all.

  • It's almost entirely on Victor's recommendation.

  • Today we're going to Democrat Deval Craft, and if you don't know what Devil Craft is, it's Chicago style deep dish pizza here in Tokyo.

  • His craft beer tubes.

  • I haven't been here in years, but apparently Victor's been here.

  • How many times this year?

  • I think it's my already.

  • We're gonna get beer and pizza, that's what Ah, really good meal.

  • What did you think, Victor?

  • I think I'm gonna have to work out about to get rid of these.

  • Now Victor and I are going to go off and do some photography for the night.

  • I have one more restaurant that I wanna hit up tomorrow with Chevy saying girls, Kiki.

  • So I will see you guys tomorrow afternoon.

  • What is the next day?

  • Once again and right now I met with Kiki Way are going to a cigar 10% base restaurant called Wok A.

  • This restaurant usedto have another location in a success.

  • And then he got taken down and relocated 10 30 we're finally on the water.

  • The nice thing about being a shamisen player, annoying all the shamisen players.

  • You'll get the hang out afterwards.

  • Very Chevys in yet.

  • When economy and I go to North Carolina, Scottie's going to Germany, distilled or bills.

guys like 11.


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