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  • Hello.

  • I'm Julian Opera From doing english dot com.

  • I'm gonna group coaching call coming up in 15 minutes.

  • So a snappy video this time A couple of days ago, I got a question that I ignored initially because I thought it was a weird question.

  • But when I got thinking about it before, actually I need to discuss this because there were two fundamental misconceptions going on question.

  • And I'm paraphrasing here was along the lines off.

  • Is it helpful to improve my English if I go on a date with someone who is a good English speaker now?

  • The first of these two misconceptions is that any warm situation can ever be better or worse for improving your English than another on this, for the most part, isn't really true.

  • There are some things that are going to help you with certain aspects, like building fluency, better high intensity situation, something I talk a lot about in my accelerated calls.

  • But generally speaking, you know, having a date with somebody is just as good for improving your English as chatting to co workers in your lunch break is just as good as watching.

  • A film is just as good as reading a book.

  • You need this constant, iterative, repetitive two step process that I'm always talking about going on, learning, doing, learning, doing, learning.

  • Doing these two things need to be happening in a constant cycle.

  • If you want to see improvement in English, what I call the two track approach and what you can learn all about for free by heading up to doing English Stop concepts Free training on checking out my free training.

  • Now, with second of these two misconceptions and possibly the deeper problem is that you need to be doing something special in order to see improvement in English.

  • I encourage people push people even to always be focused on thinking about riel things in the real world.

  • None of this speaking to practice bullshit because it doesn't make any sense.

  • Don't speak to practice.

  • Speak because you want to speak with the person.

  • People say things like, I want to practice my English of a native speaker, but it feels dirty.

  • Nobody likes to be used for somebody else's selfish reasons.

  • And if the only reason you're having a conversation or indeed going on a date with somebody is cause you all the practice.

  • Your English?

  • Well, that makes you a bit of an arsehole, to be honest, Like if you're on a date with somebody.

  • Actually, you're not really interested in that person.

  • You just wanna practice English like you're using that person.

  • It's the wrong reason for doing it.

  • You're wasting their time on again.

  • It just feels dirty to my way of thinking.

  • He should go on a date with somebody because you want to go on a date with that person because you like that person because you are attracted to that person.

  • The fact that they speak English should be totally irrelevant, like it really should not be a part of your decision making process.

  • Do I go on a date with this person?

  • Yes, because they speak English.

  • Now, if you're attracted to I don't know, British people.

  • Handsome British guys like May.

  • Then yeah, I guess that's fine.

  • But the point is, it's still not about practicing English.

  • It's a really thing in the real world, and that's the same with any conversation.

  • Have a conversation with somebody because you want to have a conversation with them.

  • What's a film because you want to watch the film.

  • Read a book because you want to read the book?

  • No, because you think you have to do something in English again.

  • This is something that I work with, people in my master and mistress accelerator course.

  • In fact, right from week one, we actually work on building real things into your life.

  • What?

  • You're actually doing real things in English again, Right from week one.

  • Head over to doing English.

  • Don't Combs.

  • Check out my free accelerate.

  • I can't talk to my free rocket launch method.

  • Training on that will teach you the A B.

  • C's off my methods.

  • If you want to go deeper into things on, have me help you of it, then you can and should Consider the mastering which plastic separate, Of course.

  • Check out the free training first on, then, if you're interested, of course, you could put yourself on the waiting list for the next time it opens.



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