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  • Boomer, have you ever been to Nikko before?



  • It's age-yubemanu!

  • It looks really tasty!!

  • Oh, yeah it is really good!

  • A few weeks ago, Boomer and I, along with our friend Sebastien

  • hopped on a train from Tokyo to Nikko!

  • I usually try to visit Nikko at least once a year

  • But this time we tried to see and do as many things as possible during our trip.

  • Here you are!

  • This one's been filtered so the flavor is different.

  • It's a controllata!

  • How do you say greenhouse?


  • It's "Onshitsu!"

  • Normally you have to compete with everyone

  • just to get good strawberries

  • but they gave this whole room to us!

  • This one greenhouse down here is all ours!

  • We made it so that we can expand the lanes

  • so that you can pass through with a stroller or wheelchair.

  • How nice of you!

  • We have about ten minutes to get ready

  • and then we're going downstairs to dinner!

  • Time to make extra extra extra EXTRA room for all this food!

  • Oh they're good!

  • So, Boomer just ate one of THESE! (UMEBOSHI)

  • What did you think?

  • It was good

  • most people hate that if they don't like Japanese food.

  • Another delicacy of the Japanese morning (NATTO!)

  • Sure let's try it!

  • It's a little bitter but not too bad...

  • You did it!

  • We"re about an hour north of the main Nikko station

  • and now we're seeing mini-kamakura (Snow Huts)

  • We're ready to go!

  • I think we're about 1,200 meters high?

  • So we're pretty high up there...

  • doing cross-country snow-shoeing.

  • The soil here is red underneath the snow!

  • Hey everyone welcome to day two and our second hotel

  • I think today completely drained all energy!

  • The snowshoeing was really fun!

  • Maybe we should try skiing next but it took a lot of energy.

  • And now we are done for today. We're gonna have dinner, and then that's it before tomorrow

  • We have another full day before we head back to Tokyo so I think we're just gonna call it a day.

  • have some dinner and

  • Just chill!

  • We will now begin the zen meditation time.

  • Of all the places in Japan the one spot I keep coming back to is Nikko.

  • To hang out with friends, for good food...

  • and to feel at ease while exploring more of Japan, while not being too far from home.

  • Have you ever been to any of these spots and Nikko? Let me know in a comment below!

Boomer, have you ever been to Nikko before?


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在日本日光山中度過48小時 (48 Hours in the Mountains of Nikko, Japan)

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