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  • everyone does things because it makes them feel good.

  • They gained something from it.

  • That's why people smoke, even though they don't get cancer because it feels good.

  • I didn't wake up and think that I need to write something mean to someone.

  • Why why didn't I do that?

  • Let me think.

  • It's because Well, when I'm busy, I'm happy.

  • I don't That doesn't make me happy.

  • Doing that won't make me happy, and I just don't see the need to do that.

  • So why did this person feel the need to do that?

  • So I put myself in their shoes.

  • Well, clearly, they gained something from this or else people don't do.

  • And so they're gaining something from putting someone else down, which means they're not happy.

  • They're not in a happy place.

  • They're not accomplishing the goals I want accomplish.

  • Someone writes something on the Internet.

  • They're not telling your story.

  • They're telling.

  • There's telling their story of unhappiness not being where they wanted to be, and I really believe that.

  • So there's many times where I really hate coming and I go, I'm gonna roast you and I write something, and I really just delete it cause I'm like you have your own issue you're dealing with, and it's gonna be too no benefit to respond.

  • You can't control the environment you're in.

  • When you have a really, really bad day, you can't control the other driver that cut you off.

  • You can't control whoever was mean to You can't control the fact that you missed the elevator.

  • You can't get you out of those things.

  • You can only control yourself.

  • It's about being more proactive.

  • How do you do that?

  • Well, okay, if a driver's gonna cut you off place and my good music so in a good mood, leave five minutes earlier.

  • You know, if you missed the elevator and you relate, wake up earlier.

  • Anything we do any actually make?

  • I believe we have many layers as to why we made that decision.

  • The top is like, Oh, I made this decision at what I would tell everybody else of why I made the decision.

  • The second layer is what I told myself So say if I took this glass and I broke this glass Hey, what I tell everybody else was like, Oh, it slipped the glass slipped.

  • Then what?

  • I tell myself when I dig little deeper is Oh, I thought it would be funny So I like, broke the glass.

  • OK, but if I did really, really deep look with a real reason I smashes glass, it would be because honestly, I think the segment I was really bad and I want a distraction.

  • We like to ourselves all the time.

  • But why we did something, Why we said something.

  • Sometimes our instincts kick in.

  • Like if you ask me uncomfortable question, I'll respond right away because it's uncomfortable.

  • But what I'm saying to you is not true.

  • If I dig deep where I understand why I acted that way, it's really important.

  • You need to be re in tune with yourself.

  • You want to be successful.

  • I mean, the world gets really uncomfortable, successful, well, uncomfortable sometimes a lot of stress pressure.

  • If you're not truly in tune with your biggest teammate, which is yourself.

  • There's no need.

  • Very good idol is that was doing the rock Johnson and I think he is someone who is so successful.

  • And the number one thing I've learned from him is how he shares his success in such a humble way that also validates himself.

  • If you ever wanna scrim, it's wrong place.

  • That's like this cool stuff is happening and it's very exciting and important to me.

  • So I'm gonna I'm gonna share it because it means a lot to me.

  • But this is this doesn't make me better than anybody else.

  • And nor does it put on a pedestal of any type.

  • Not because it's gonna alter the way you think, what part of this thing.

  • And so I think we need to change our association, our relationship with our success.

  • That way.

  • Even now when I accomplish something, I don't care how many people come up to me and say Congratulations do really well, just a cool thing.

  • When I lie down in bed, I literally hug myself like you did really good.

  • That was a really good thing you did today.

everyone does things because it makes them feel good.


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