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  • where are we going this morning Vancouver Island Home Sam's home


  • today we are kicking off the trip that we've been wanting to do for a very long

    今天我們開始了旅行 我們一直想做很長時間

  • time a road trip across the length of Vancouver Island Sam grew up on the west

    在整個長度上進行一次公路旅行 溫哥華島山姆在西方長大

  • coast but moved away when he went to university and I had never been there so

    海岸,但他去時搬走了 大學,我從未去過那裡

  • it was high time we both visited to make things even more special when our dads

    我們倆去的時候到了 當我們爸爸的事情變得更特別

  • heard we were traveling to Vancouver Island they both decided to come along

    聽說我們要去溫哥華 他們倆都決定來的島嶼

  • so we embarked on this road trip as a gang of four also I need to mention that

    所以我們開始了這次旅行 一夥四個我也要提到

  • flying from Vancouver to Victoria we experienced our shortest flight ever 11

    從溫哥華飛往維多利亞,我們 經歷了我們有史以來最短的飛行11

  • minutes in the air across the strait of Georgia it was pretty cool

    海峽兩岸的分鐘 佐治亞州,這很酷

  • your attachment


  • my business well hello hello guys and Vancouver island vancouver island this is

    我的生意很好大家好 溫哥華島溫哥華島這是

  • where I grew up I was born on the island and I lived here until I was 18 born and raised and

    我長大的地方出生在島上 我住在這裡直到我18歲長大

  • when was the last time here oh my gosh it was 2007 and before that 2002 so

    什麼時候是最後一次在這裡哦,天哪 那是2007年,在2002年之前

  • basically in almost the last 20 years yeah I've only been here twice visiting

    基本上在過去的20年中 是的,我只來過兩次

  • so it has been ages since I've been here like way before I met you as last time I

    自從我來這里以來已經有很多年了 就像我上次見到你之前一樣

  • wait here and you know what Sam has been talking about wanting to come back to

    在這裡等你知道山姆 談論想回到

  • Vancouver Island for years yeah so this summer we finally planned a road trip we

    溫哥華島好多年了 夏天,我們終於計劃了一次公路旅行

  • are doing a two-week road trip and partnership with trover trover is a cool

    正在進行為期兩週的公路旅行, 與Trover的合作Trover很酷

  • travel and Photography app where you can find geotagged images of cool places to

    您可以在哪裡旅行和攝影應用程序 查找涼爽地方的地理標記圖像,以

  • visit and like discover new things to do so we're going to be exploring the

    參觀並喜歡發現新事物 所以我們將要探索

  • island and using the app to kind of find new things yeah I'm so excited because

    島,並使用該應用進行查找 是的,我很興奮,因為

  • you know even when I lived here there's so many things that I didn't actually do

    你知道,即使我住在這裡 很多事情我實際上沒有做

  • especially touristy types of things and so I'm really looking forward to

    特別是旅遊類型的事物和 所以我真的很期待

  • visiting some like some really cool small towns checking out some cool

    拜訪一些很酷的人 小鎮檢查一些很酷

  • different restaurants doing some hike oh my gosh I'm just so excited to be back

    不同的餐廳在做徒步旅行哦 我的天哪,我很高興能回來

  • here I can't believe I'm actually here it feels a bit surreal and I'm super

    在這裡我簡直不敢相信我真的在這裡 感覺有點超現實,我超級

  • pumped to be here for the very first time and also we have two special guests

    第一次來這裡 時間,還有兩個特別的客人

  • our dad because he says I've been in Canada for 50 years and have never been

    我們父親,因為他說我去過 加拿大已有50年了,從來沒有去過

  • out west the vancouver island yeah and your dad and my dad because he basically

    在溫哥華島西邊,是的, 你爸爸和我爸爸,因為他基本上

  • he's lived a third of his life out here on the island and so this is uh this is

    他在這裡生活了三分之一 在島上,所以這是

  • a homecoming trip for him as well so it's gonna be great to rediscover the

    他也要回家 重新發現

  • island this is gonna be really my first time to see it kind of with adult eyes

    島,這真的是我的第一個 是時候用成人的眼睛看

  • well we hope you guys will join us for the road trip we're gonna be filming

    好吧,我們希望你們會加入我們的行列 我們將要拍攝的公路旅行

  • lots of videos as we travel the length of the island and yeah let's get to it

    我們長途旅行時有很多視頻 島上的,是的,讓我們開始吧

  • Vancouver Island guys


  • we had a bit of a drive ahead of us to reach Mount Washington which would be

    我們前面有一點動力 到達華盛頓山

  • our base for the next few days so we decided to break up the journey by

    我們接下來幾天的基地 決定通過分手

  • making a few stops along the way first up the town of chemainus which has

    一路上停下來 首先是切馬努斯鎮

  • managed to transform itself from a former logging and mill town to a

    設法從 前伐木場和磨坊鎮

  • tourist town thanks to its numerous murals visiting chemainus is like

    眾多的旅遊小鎮 壁畫訪問chemainus就像

  • walking through a giant outdoor gallery with paintings that help tell the town's

    穿過一個巨大的戶外畫廊 帶有有助於告訴小鎮的

  • story it's a place we would definitely want to experience with a bit more time

    故事,這是一個我們絕對會去的地方 想要多一點時間

  • we then continued our Drive north taking a little detour along the way to see the

    然後我們繼續向北開車 沿路走了一些彎路

  • natural wonder that is cathedral grove next Macmillan Provincial Park when we

    大教堂樹林的自然奇觀 下一個麥克米倫省立公園

  • were looking for places to visit on this drive heading north one of the places

    在尋找這個地方參觀 駛向北的地方之一

  • that we found on trover is cathedral grove where you have old-growth forests

    我們在Trover上發現的是大教堂 有老樹林的小樹林

  • and just giant towering trees these beauties we've just entered the trail

    而這些巨大的參天大樹 美女,我們剛剛進入了足跡

  • and we're already like


  • cathedral grove is part of an ancient douglas-fir ecosystem with trees that

    大教堂格羅夫是古代的一部分 道格拉斯冷杉生態系統與樹木

  • are around 800 years old some of the trees stand 75 meters tall and measure 9

    大約有800年的歷史了 樹木高75米,高9

  • meters in circumference with a trail network that weaves through the forest

    周長有一條小徑 穿越森林的網絡

  • we arrived just before sunset so it was pretty magical seeing the sunlight shine

    我們剛到日落之前就到了 看到陽光普照非常神奇

  • through the hanging moss and danced across a carpet of ferns

    穿過懸掛的苔蘚跳舞 在蕨類植物的地毯上

  • so we have arrived at cathedral grove the place i had been most wanting to

    所以我們到達了大教堂樹林 我最想去的地方

  • visit yeah MacMillan Park it is impressive size of the trees here it's

    參觀是的麥克米蘭公園 樹木的大小令人印象深刻

  • just unbelievable and they're just behemoths you cannot describe this in

    簡直令人難以置信,他們只是 龐然大物,你不能在這描述

  • words it's amazing they look like they're fake it's so big they're maybe

    看起來很棒的話 他們是假的,那麼大,也許

  • one of the greatest free attractions we've ever been to it's great no no fee

    最大的免費景點之一 我們去過那很棒,不收費

  • what I want to say about this place is that if you leave a sight a good sight

    我想說的這個地方是 如果你離開一個視線很好的視線

  • like this alone for a long long time it's gonna be called old growth this is

    很長一段時間這樣一個人 這將被稱為舊增長,這是

  • old growth this is a Douglas fir and then we also have some massive cedar

    舊的增長,這是道格拉斯冷杉和 然後我們還有一些雪松

  • here too okay it's a beautiful Drive it's so cool so

    這裡也還好 這是一個美麗的驅動器,它是如此酷,所以

  • close to Port Alberni the good thing is that they they were

    靠近阿爾伯尼港 好在他們是

  • preserved for the future generations to enjoy because these to cut this it's

    為子孫後代保留 享受,因為這些削減了它的

  • just a crime against humanity that's the way I see it these things like this

    只是危害人類的罪行 我這樣看這些東西的方式

  • cannot disappear from this planet remarkable we need to preserve this

    無法從這個星球上消失 值得注意的是我們需要保留這一點

  • need to preserve them we have a bit more hiking

    需要保存它們,我們還有更多 遠足

  • this is what you would call a max forest and what I mean by that is that it's

    這就是你所說的最大森林 我的意思是說

  • been left undisturbed for so long that it's come to this you know this these

    長時間保持不受干擾 來到這裡,你知道這些

  • are the the cedar and the fir are the two max species that occupy here there's

    是雪松和冷杉是 佔據這裡的兩個最大物種

  • hardly any underbrush is just a few sword ferns maybe everything has been

    幾乎沒有任何灌木叢 劍蕨也許一切都已經

  • left like it is and if you do that then you get what you call the highest level

    照原樣離開,如果您這樣做,那麼 你得到你所謂的最高水平

  • of the forest and this would be a max forest right here Wonderland it's going

    森林,這將是最大 森林就在這裡仙境

  • here Wonderland yeah without Alice


  • alright guys so we've arrived at our accommodations here in Mount Washington

    好傢伙,所以我們到了 華盛頓山的住宿

  • thanks for driving all day we're up the hill not down the creek yeah we have the

    感謝您全天開車, 山下不行,是的,我們有

  • paddle you know no problems getting up here yeah we're able to stop at the

    划槳,你知道起床沒問題 是的,我們可以在

  • grocery quality food store and get whatever we wanted this is what we're

    雜貨優質食品商店並獲得 我們想要的就是我們所要的

  • having for dinner like a little indoor picnic bass yeah yeah do it your cheese

    有點像在室內吃晚飯 野餐低音是的,做你的奶酪

  • reaps veggie platter lots of meat pumice and some presen

    收穫素食拼盤 大量的浮石和一些禮物

  • presen bread and we have wine from Spain Cheers

    麵包,我們有來自西班牙的葡萄酒 乾杯

  • yeah we decided against the cooking a meal tonight we are so tired looking a

    是的,我們決定不做飯了 今晚吃飯,我們看起來很累

  • long day 11:30 hour of Toronto 830 3 hours less but we are we're under goal from

    多倫多830的漫長的一天11:30小時3小時 少一些,但我們的目標是

  • what four o'clock this morning yeah we were up at 3:00 you have to get up

    今天早上四點 在3:00起床

  • earlier than everyone and past midnight inside your tents it was our first day

    比所有人早,午夜過後 在你的帳篷裡那是我們的第一天

  • so what were your first impressions of the island stunning it is beautiful oh

    那你對第一印像是什麼 令人驚嘆的島嶼很美麗哦

  • my goodness like we must have driven about three

    我的天啊 就像我們一定要開車三個

  • hours today heading north and we went through forests and like these winding

    今天幾個小時往北走,我們去了 穿過森林,就像這些蜿蜒

  • little rows I really love that I that area with the air mature forest is the

    一小排我真的很愛我那個 空氣成熟的森林是

  • the Colossus of the forest when they told me all their huge I figured well

    他們在森林的巨像 告訴我所有他們巨大的東西

  • you know like a man you think of a big tree but to assert the next BAM but when

    你知道像一個男人,你想到一個大 樹,但斷言下一個BAM,但何時

  • you go and you see a three that is a thousand years old and you can't even

    你去,你看到一個三 一千年的歷史,你甚至無法

  • see the top it's no I some of them are like 75 80 meters tall that's a big tree

    看頂部是不是我其中一些是 像75八十米高那是一棵大樹

  • I'm impressed beyond you know my wildest expectations anybody that goes there

    令我印象深刻的是,你知道我最狂野的 期望任何人去那裡

  • that wasn't a tree hugger before they're definitely gonna be a tree hugger after

    那不是他們之前的擁抱者 肯定會成為樹擁抱者

  • even though they can't wrap their arms around the tree take three or four

    即使他們不能包住武器 繞樹走三四個

  • people to join together so yeah you have to give it a group that's a great start

    人們一起加入,所以是的 給它一個很好的起點

  • to our trip and we've got a two more weeks so stay tuned so we'll see you

    我們的旅行,我們還有兩個 數週,敬請期待,我們將再見

  • guys tomorrow yes we are well instead Cheers

    明天是的,我們會好起來的 乾杯

  • cheers to you


  • and that's a little taste of her first day on the island this was mostly a

    這是她第一次的味道 島上的一天主要是

  • travel day but in the next episode we go hiking with friends and Strathcona

    旅行日,但在下一集我們去 與朋友和斯特拉斯科納一起遠足

  • Provincial Park we spot our first black bear and we get stuck on a ski lift so

    省級公園,我們發現了我們的第一個黑色 熊,我們被困在滑雪纜車上,所以

  • we'll see you soon with more Vancouver Island adventures

    我們會在溫哥華再見 島嶼冒險

  • you

where are we going this morning Vancouver Island Home Sam's home



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