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  • Stonehenge has been capturing our imaginations for 5000 years. What you are about to hear

  • are some of the reasons this world heritage site is still important to visitors today.

  • We hope to see you here soon.

  • For me Stonehenge is the stuff of legends, isn't it?

  • It's just a collection of stories. You need to come and see this place.

  • It helps people situate themselves in history.

  • Just from looking at pictures it's always seemed really interesting and I always wanted

  • to know how they were able to build these structures without the tools that we have today.

  • I wasn't going to leave England without seeing it. This is my first trip to England.

  • It's important for people to come here to experience ancient cultures.

  • I think it's the historical value and the landscape as well surrounding it.

  • We visited Egypt and then Stonehenge was next on the list.

  • I think it's still important because there's no conclusive and definitive reason for its existence.

  • I can remember being in school and looking at in textbooks and learning about it in textbooks

  • and always wanting to come.

  • I think there's a lot of mystery surrounding Stonehenge, at least for me it is, and we've

  • been told that there's a similar structure in India and I'm very curious to see how

  • they're all connected.

  • Well this is actually our third time here, well my third time here, her first time here

  • today and we just can't get enough of it really.

  • I came here to see it because it's here, just like Machu Picchu, or Taj Mahal or any

  • other famous place. You gotta go see it.

  • I was thinking that this is the highlight of my trip and I believe it's important

  • for people to know their heritage.

  • We don't have anything like this where I'm from

  • so it was just a fact of coming to it to experience something that I've never

  • experienced before.

  • Well I think it's the fascination with how clever the people must have been to actually

  • build Stonehenge.

  • I think the mystery of Stonehenge is why people still come here, it's because there's

  • just so much people don't know and there's so much that we still want to know.

  • I had to see it. Definitely something on my bucket list.

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Stonehenge has been capturing our imaginations for 5000 years. What you are about to hear


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人們為什麼要參觀巨石陣? (Why Do People Visit Stonehenge?)

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