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  • Has anyone ever told you that you need to have a clear goal

    有沒有人曾告訴過你,你需要有一個 明確的目標,以實現

  • in order to achieve something or get better.


  • According to modern learning science the opposite is true

    根據現代科學的研究情況正好相反: 例如,最好的衝浪者

  • for example

    不是那些訓練來贏得獎金 或被時尚雜誌推薦的,

  • the best surfers are not those that train to win a prize or to be featured in a glossy magazine,

    反而是那些每天玩波浪的人, 因為他們喜歡它。

  • but those that play with the waves everyday, because they love it.

    這種技術認為,你會變得更好 在於專注於學習的過程,

  • This technique argues that you get better at something


  • focus on the process of learning

    在斯坦福大學的設計實驗中, 陶藝教師將課程分為兩組,

  • and not the outcome a product too far away to motivate you.


  • In a Stanford University design experiment,

    而第二組則用於製作 一個非常漂亮的鍋。

  • a pottery teacher split the class into two groups

    最後,老師分級這些鍋, 宣布獲勝者,

  • the first group focused on making as many clay pots as they wanted

    結果是明確的,所有最好的鍋 來自做許多鍋的學生,

  • the second on making one single very beautiful pot.

    而不是那些試圖製作一個 單一的獲獎藝術品。

  • At the end that teacher graded the pots and announce the winner,

    要優化學習過程,設置一個固定的 學習時間,其中你專注於材料,

  • the results were clear


  • all the best pots came from students that made many pots

    不必嘗試達到一個特定的目標, 如閱讀整個章節,

  • not those that tried making one single winning piece of art.

    只是學習了你自己設定時間總量, 然後停止。

  • To optimize process learning,

    過程學習將幫助你 在學習期間感覺更放鬆,

  • set a fixed study time in which you focus on the material for say

    一旦你完成,給你一個成就感。 實踐中被中斷

  • 25 minutes a day

    的每一個影響,在達到一個 里程碑之前保持興趣

  • in that time


  • don't try to reach a certain goal like reading an entire chapter

    為了最大化學習過程,關注一般的學習提示。 請在下面的部分留下評論,

  • just learn for the exact amount of time that you set yourself

    讓我們知道您對這種 學習技巧的看法,更多技術,

  • then stop.

    訪問 Facebook,Youtube 或

  • Process learning will help you feel more relaxed during your study

  • and give you a sense of accomplishment once you are done.

  • the very affect that you were interrupted

  • in the middle of your practice before reaching a milestone,

  • keeps interest up

  • and increases the motivation to continue the next day.

  • To maximize process learning watch our general learning tips.

  • Please let us know what you think about this learning technique

  • by leaving a comment in the section below,

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Has anyone ever told you that you need to have a clear goal

有沒有人曾告訴過你,你需要有一個 明確的目標,以實現


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