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  • Positioned between Japan's ancient capital Kyoto and it's largest lake Biwako stands

  • the sacred Mount Hieizan.

  • Home to Enryakuji, the headquarters of one of Japan's most prominent Buddhist sects,

  • this mountain has for centuries been held as among the most culturally-important locations

  • in the country and today attracts droves of visitors eager to experience its incredible

  • atmosphere and history, along with the other visit-worthy attractions in its vicinity.

  • And this is exactly where we're headed.

  • I'm Sam Evans, staff-writer for

  • And today I'm on assignment around Mt. Hieizan.

  • Here's the plan:

  • We start the day in Osaka and ride the trains north to Lake Biwako, with one transfer along the way.

  • Upon arriving at the lake's southern shores we'll take a pleasant sightseeing cruise.

  • After this we'll make a brief stop to explore Hiyoshi Shrine before taking the cable-car

  • up Mount Hieizan.

  • Once at the top we'll spend the rest of the afternoon exploring historic Enryakuji

  • Temple's vast grounds.

  • Finally we'll descend the mountain and take the trains back to Osaka.

  • So, follow along as we take a short side trip from Osaka to Mount Hieizan.

  • So we are about to board the Michigan Sightseeing Cruise, an American-style paddle steamer that

  • leaves Otsu Port multiple times a day and give tours of Lake Biwa.

  • All aboard!

  • After a brief train ride, our next stop is Hiyoshi Shrine whose beautiful forested ground

  • sit at the base of Mount Hieizan.

  • From Hiyoshi Shrine we make the short walk to the nearby cable-car station to finally

  • head up the mountain.

  • Our first stop once arriving at the top of Mount Hieizan is the Enryakuji Kaikan where

  • we'll partake in a traditional temple lunch.

  • So this is Shojin Ryori, Buddhist cuisine that is also vegetarian.

  • This rice part that we've got here which is locally sourced from Shiga prefecture where

  • we're in now.

  • We have some tempura fried vegetables including Shiitake Mushrooms, one of my favorites and

  • an old favorite, yuba, which is tofu skin.

  • This is daizu tampaku a food made of beans that apparently tastes a lot like meat, so

  • I'm about to try it.

  • That's delicious!

  • After lunch we'll explore the main areas of Enryakuji Temple's grounds.

  • We'll start in the East area calledTodo”, then take a pleasant walking path to the west

  • area calledSaito”.

  • Enryakuji where we are now was founded around 1200 years ago on this mountain, Mount Hieizan,

  • and stands today as the headquarters of Tendai, which is one of the most important sects of

  • Japanese Buddhism.

  • We're busy right now exploring the eastern part of the temple, but after this we are

  • going to go on a walk through the woods and get to the western side and explore that.

  • Now that we've seen both the east and west areas of Enryakuji it's time to descend

  • the mountain.

  • This is a multi-step process.

  • First we'll take a bus

  • ...then a ropeway

  • ...and lastly a cable-car

  • ...before riding the Eizan train line to Kyoto.

  • From here we'll take the train back to Osaka and our trip will come to an end.

  • Thanks for joining me.

  • I hope this video has been enjoyable and perhaps even inspires some ideas, should you be planning

  • a day trip in the Kansai region.

  • For more information about Mount Hieizan or to watch another video, click the links on

  • the screen now, or head over to, your comprehensive, up-to-date travel guide,

  • first hand from Japan.

  • Thanks for watching, be sure to subscribe and click the notification bell for more videos about Japan.

  • Happy travels.

Positioned between Japan's ancient capital Kyoto and it's largest lake Biwako stands


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大阪市內的比叡山之旅| (Osaka Side Trip to Mount Hieizan |

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