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  • Tokyo is the capital of Japan and with a population of nearly 40 million also the largest metropolis on Earth.

    東京是日本最大的都市, 人口3780萬, 也是全球最大的都市

  • In the middle of the Greater Tokyo area is Tokyo Prefecture itself


  • and at its most populated core are 23 special wards called "ku."

    在其人口最稠密的是特別行政區, 稱為“23區”

  • Here you'll find Tokyo's multiple downtown areas which are all connected by the JR Yamanote line.


  • From Tokyo station it's only a few hours by bullet train to several other major cities


  • Despite its size or possibly because of it


  • Tokyo has developed into extremely orderly city with a convenient and reliable


  • public transportation system as well as a remarkably low crime rate. Although it has a high population density it can feel surprisingly

    十分方便可靠的公共交通系統,以及非常低的犯罪率 雖然人口密度高

  • suburban or even rural once you venture away from the major railway stations.

    一旦離開主要車站便可以感受到郊區 甚至農村的風情

  • In the 16th century Tokyo was a small castle town named Edo. It became the political center of the country when the shogun, Tokugawa Ieyasu

    在16世紀的東京是一個稱為江戶的小城鎮 當幕府將軍德川家康

  • established his feudal government here in 1603.

    於1603年在這裡建立封建政府 江戶便成為全國的政治中心

  • Quickly Edo grew into the world's largest city and at the end of the feudal period after the Meiji restoration

    江戶迅速成長為世界上最大的城市 在明治維新後,封建時期結束

  • in 1868 it was made the new capital of the country and renamed Tokyo


  • The Emperor's residence was moved from Kyoto to Tokyo and the former grounds of Edo Castle were converted into the new imperial palace.

    皇帝的住所,從京都搬到東京 前江戶城被改為皇宮

  • Today Tokyo is one of Japan's premier hubs for culture, cuisine, entertainment, and shopping and also has countless historic


  • temples, gardens, parks, landmark and museums.


  • Here are our top five recommendations in Tokyo


  • Number Five: Akihabara


  • Also called Akiba in the last few decades the Akihabara district has emerged as a center for anime, manga

    也稱為"秋葉", 在過去的幾十年裡, 秋葉原已成為了動畫,漫畫

  • and video game otaku culture in Japan.


  • It has dozens of specialty stores selling everything from figurines to collectible trading cards to retro video games.


  • There are also several multi floor arcades, called game centers, as well as maid cafes other themed restaurants.


  • On Sunday afternoon Chuo Dori, the main street of the area, is closed to car traffic

    週日下午,該地區的道 - 中央通變為行人專用區

  • so pedestrians are free walk anywhere they like.


  • Another nickname for the Akihabara district is "Electric Town" because of the many electronic shops here

    因為許多電子商店, 所以秋葉原另一個綽號是“電器城”

  • ranging from large department stores selling the latest technology to small stalls selling computer components.

    從大型百貨商場銷售的最新電子產品, 至小攤位賣的電腦組件應有盡有

  • Number 4: Meiji Shrine and the Surrounding Areas


  • A few minutes walk from Harajuku Station is the famous Meiji Shrine and its forested grounds.


  • Completed in 1920 the shrine itself is dedicated to the late emperor Meiji, and his consort Empress Shoken.


  • Ruling from 1867 to 1912 made you was the first emperor of Modern Japan.

    明治天皇從1867年執政到1912年, 是現代日本的第一個皇帝

  • During the Meiji period the country transitioned from being an isolated feudal nation to becoming an industrialized world power

    在明治時期,日本由一個孤立的封建國家 轉變成為一個工業化世界強國

  • The shrines grounds are a peaceful oasis amid the densely built up city.


  • Together with neighboring Yoyogi park, this forested area of Tokyo provides an excellent place to escape the busy city.

    連同鄰近的代代木公園, 這一森林地區是躲避城市繁雜的好地方

  • Near Meiji Shrine are several other worthwhile areas to explore.


  • Just across the street is Harajuku which is known as the center of teenage culture in Japan.

    神宮對面是青少年文化匯點 - 原宿

  • Here you'll find the famous Takeshita Dori shopping street


  • As well as the elegant Omotesando Avenue which has many high-end shopping options


  • and is the main approach to Meiji Shrine.


  • Lastly Meiji Shrine is only one stop from Shibuya.


  • The Shibuya District is famous for its shopping and is generally regarded as the capital of young fashion in Japan.


  • This is also where you'll find the legendary Shibuya Scramble pedestrian crossing where up to 3,000 people will cross at each light change.

    這也是著名的交叉行人橫道, 每次轉燈有多達3000人過馬路

  • Number Three: Shinjuku


  • Shinjuku is a lively entertainment and business district known for being one of Japan's premier nightlife spots

    新宿是熱鬧的娛樂和商務區, 也是首屈一指的夜生活場所

  • During the Edo era It used to be located outside the city center and was the first

    在江戶時代, 新宿曾經是市外的地區

  • rest stop along the Koshu Kaido which was one of the five major trade highways at the time

    是甲州街道第一個休息處 甲州街道當時是五大貿易公路之一

  • Since then Tokyo has expanded and Shinjuku has become one of its multiple major downtown areas

    從那時起東京不斷擴大 新宿也成為多個主要商業區之一

  • handling over three and a half million passengers every day Shinjuku station has become the busiest train station in the world.

    新宿站每天處理超過350萬人次, 成為世界上最繁忙的火車站

  • To the west of the station is the skyscraper district where many of Tokyo's tallest buildings are located.


  • Among these is the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office Building


  • which has free observation decks on the 45th floor of each tower that provide unique views of the city


  • On the east side of Shinjuku station is the nightlife district.


  • Here you'll find endless dining shopping and entertainment options.


  • A few popular places to explore our Kabukicho with its restaurants bars wild nightlife and neon lights.

    歌舞伎町是熱門的地方 有餐館酒吧,狂野的夜生活和霓虹燈

  • Omoide Yokocho with its network of alleyways from tiny eateries


  • and Golden Gai which has over 200 small bars and unique restaurants


  • Finally for a change of pace in the Shinjuku area, about a 10-minute walk east of Shinjuku station


  • is Shinjuku Gyoen which is a large and beautiful park which contains three different themed gardens.


  • Number Two: Asakusa


  • One of the best districts to experience old-fashioned Tokyo is historical Asakusa.


  • Located in the center of an area traditionally known as Shitamachi


  • this was a part of the city generally inhabited by common townspeople during the Edo era.


  • The main attraction in Asakuka is Sensoji Temple.


  • Completed in the 7th century, it is one of Tokyo's oldest and most popular Buddhist temples.

    在公元7世紀完成, 是東京最古老和最受歡迎的佛教寺廟之一

  • Leading up to the main temple building is the iconic gate Kaminarimon and Nakamise Shopping Street


  • which is lined with vendors selling local specialty items and souvenirs.


  • Crossing Nakamise Street is Denpoin Street


  • which is designed to look like a street from the Edo era.


  • For food west of Sensoji Temple is Hoppy Street

    淺草寺的西面是食街 - 霍皮街

  • which is a 70 to 80 meter long street that has a nostalgic charm and is lined with Izakaya serving Japanese pub food.

    70至80米長的街道上, 有懷舊的居酒屋供應日本的酒吧小食

  • About 15min west of Asakusa near Ueno is Kappabashi Street.


  • This unique street has dozens of specialty stores selling everything needed by restaurant operators


  • except for food.


  • From pots and pans to dishes to plastic food samples


  • this street has it all and is an interesting place to wander.


  • A day in Asakusa could easily be combined with a stroll along the Sumida River


  • and a visit to nearby Tokyo Skytree, Japan tallest structure.

    或前往於附近日本最高的建築物: 晴空塔

  • Number One: Food


  • As a city Tokyo has received the most Michelin stars of any city in the world


  • and offers an amazing range of dining opportunities.


  • Of course, like every region of Japan you can find local specialty cuisine items

    當然,像日本的每一個地區, 你可以找到當地的特色美食

  • such as nigiri-zushi, tempura,


  • soba, chankonabe, and monjayaki to name a few.


  • However because people from all over Japan have been relocating to the capital for hundreds of years


  • It's also possible to find authentic regional food from all across the country in Tokyo


  • Similarly the city has become the home of a wide variety of international


  • communities which have brought their local cuisine with them.


  • As a result Tokyo has become an excellent destination for finding a broad range of high-quality international food.


  • There are even several districts with concentrated ethnic specialties


  • such as Koreatown in Shin-Okubo


  • Little France in Kagurazaka


  • and Chinatown in Ikebukuro to name a few


  • It's safe to say there are dining establishments to accommodate all tastes and budgets in Tokyo.

    可以肯定地說,東京有各種口味和預算的餐飲場所 來迎合大家的口味

  • You could easily spend several weeks exploring Tokyo and not experience everything

    你可以用幾個星期來探索東京, 但沒有可能感受一切

  • But we hope this top 5 list gives you a good place to start.


  • For more information about any of the places mentioned in this video or to explore another region


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  • Your comprehensive up-to-date travel guide first-hand from Japan.


  • Thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe for more videos about Japan.


  • Happy travels.


Tokyo is the capital of Japan and with a population of nearly 40 million also the largest metropolis on Earth.

東京是日本最大的都市, 人口3780萬, 也是全球最大的都市


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