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  • Charlie Brown Schultz vacation.

  • You can live in the great outdoors.

  • Happy theater.

  • New show t's now playing exciting.

  • Terrifying.

  • Yeah, Yeah.

  • How do you like to show so far?

  • Hard to say it only just baggage.

  • You come to these shows very often.

  • No, this is my first time.

  • Perhaps I should warn you about this next scene.

  • What next scene?

  • You?

  • The one where they go?

  • Deep sea dining way.

  • What's so terrifying about the show anyway?

  • I don't see anything very exciting either.

  • I thought this was supposed to be a scary show.

  • When do we get to this scared?

  • That was a long first act.

  • Do you want to walk around a bit?

  • Maybe stretch our legs?

  • How that emotions made me hungry?

  • I could go for a bite He puts on a good show.

  • Doesn t very impressed.

  • There's only one thing his theater needs.

  • Riel snack box.

  • Hi, you.

  • Little by what it called knows.

  • Look at the expression on his face.

  • No, nice spring, but bag Have you ever thought about how little he knows?

  • He doesn't know what day it is, that's for sure.

  • TV tonight either.

  • Hey, doesn't know there's a month of this guy and fish in the ocean Bones.

  • Do either of you girls know where the new post offices?

  • What new post office?

  • I didn't even know we had a new post office.

  • Oh, it it.

  • Thank you very much.

  • That sure sounds like a hungry belly.

  • Doesn't, Daddy?

  • Oh, that's a good thing.

  • Because I have news for you.

  • Stupid beagle.

  • Charlie Brown is going to be gone, Ogden.

  • So he's asked me to take care of feeding you.

  • Now, if this means, don't you?

  • It means I've got you in my power.

  • I've had enough of your insults.

  • You better behave today because I control the separatist I've got you where I want you.

  • So, to begin considering the overdevelopment of your middle section to put it My clearly seeing as you have a fat belly, I recommend you run around the block six times to earn yourself the right and then where you going?

  • You can't stop me.

  • You apologize or I won't give you any.

  • I doubt you'll survive more than a day or two living on Berries.

  • What?

  • Really?

  • You never read it?

  • But how can you survive not knowing it?

  • Lucy, Survival is Just had it with me.

  • Maybe Sally would run in and get it.

  • Sally, will you go back in the house for me, please?

  • And get that new comic book.

  • You know, the big fat one yourself.

  • Nine.

  • Maybe I'm not as well read in comic books as you.

  • But, boy, I can see you.

  • Sure don't have your little sister trained.

  • Right, Charlie Brown.

  • Why should be doing anything You tell her.

  • You've got to have control Charlie Brown.

  • Complete and absolute control.

  • You should be able to make her dance like a marionette on strings.

  • Your wind up dolls, your Frankenstein monster.

  • Your remote control robots.

  • Your instruments be a virtual self Charlie around.

  • Take me, for example.

  • I play Linus as a pianist plays a concert grand.

  • Is that true?

Charlie Brown Schultz vacation.


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