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  • hey everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question today's

  • question is a little bit of a long one how do I pronounce the math terms

  • addition subtraction multiplication and division so we're a lesson today is

  • mostly about word stress and we're going to think about two things we're going to

  • think about everyone's favorite that schwa sound that we hear more in words

  • that are longer and the schwa sound is that super short a sound that is

  • unstressed and then we're also going to talk about these tion endings the tion

  • or the SiO N and the rule there is is that we're going to stress the syllable

  • right before that ending so the good news is three of these words have the

  • same ending shun shun and shun and then for our last word here we are actually

  • going to voice the shh and that we usually hear in shun and we're going to

  • do that by turning this voice box on make sure your throat is vibrating and

  • we're gonna say zhun so we have tion-tion-tion and zhun ending same rule

  • applies when we have that s io n or tion we're going to stress the syllable right

  • before that ending all right so for word number one we have addition and we're

  • going to start that word without short schwa syllable uh make sure it is super

  • short and make sure that you will link it to that second syllable that's going

  • to be stressed the stressed syllable is louder longer and higher in pitch

  • addition addition next we have subtraction again we're going to have

  • that schwa sound and that first syllable sub it's unstressed track shun

  • subtraction next multiplication we have lots of schwas mul tah plah kay shun and

  • then just realized here that's why it doesn't look

  • right to me it's because it is not I forgot you cross my T so we have

  • multiplication and last for division again schwa syllable I'm sorry schwa

  • sound first for that first syllable duh and then stress vi zhun division so we

  • have addition subtraction multiplication division so let's just try those

  • naturally addition addition subtraction subtraction multiplication

  • multiplication division division a lot of people struggle with multiplication

  • because we have so many schwa sounds in there

  • so another tip for you is try to hum that word first you could say so (humming)

  • division I'm sorry addition subtraction division multiplication addition

  • subtraction division multiplication and as I was doing this left and I'm just

  • going to give you my little tip although it didn't work for every word if you

  • cannot remember how to say addition you could think about putting a dish in

  • something like the dishwasher addition put a dish in the dishwasher and do your

  • addition facts so give it a try people are going to notice the difference if

  • you found this helpful you know the drill give us a like a share and a

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  • have lots of new products out there for you to check out if you have any

  • questions leave them in the comment section below and I will see you again

  • next week thanks so much everybody bye

hey everyone Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question today's


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B2 中高級

如何給數學術語發音 - 加法 減法 乘法 除法 - 英語發音。 (How to Pronounce Math Terms - Addition Subtraction Multiplication Division - English Pronunciation)

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