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  • In this three-part series we are taking a seven-day six-night trip from Tokyo to Kyoto,

    這篇三部曲特輯報導是 從東京到京都7天6夜之旅的介紹

  • but not by the usual route along the Pacific coast known as theGolden Route”, which

    這次故意不從一般觀光客較熟悉 的太平洋沿岸”黃金之路”旅行

  • most tourists take.

    而選擇沿著悠閒的內陸 及優美的日本海沿岸前往京都

  • Instead we are traveling through Japan's “New Golden Routewhich delves into the


  • country's rural interior, continues along the beautiful Sea of Japan coast, and finishes

    建議旅客沿著新黃金之路旅遊時 可以購買北陸拱型鐵路周遊券

  • in Kyoto.


  • A great way to travel along this New Golden Route is using the Hokuriku Arch Pass, a seven-day

    可以7天之內不限次數搭乘 地圖上的JR列車及北陸新幹線

  • pass exclusively available to overseas tourists that allows for unlimited use of all the JR

    本特輯第一部曲報導介紹從東京 到地獄谷野猿公苑之間的旅程

  • Lines shown on this map, including the Hokuriku Shinkansen.

    第二部曲則從日本海沿岸遊覽 黑部峽谷及山林小鎮高山

  • In episode one we made our way from Tokyo to the Snow Monkeys before episode two saw

    第三部曲是旅程的最後3天 將遊覽歷史街道 鄉村及商業老街

  • us traveling along the Sea of Japan coast, through Kurobe gorge and to the mountain town


  • of Takayama.

    現在就跟著我Sam Evans沿著日本新黃金之路 來一趟東京到京都的獨特旅程吧

  • Now in this third and final episode, we spend the last three days exploring an historic


  • city, beautiful countryside spots and an old merchant town before reaching our final destination:


  • Kyoto.


  • So join me, Sam Evans, as we travel from Tokyo to Kyoto along Japan's New Golden Route.

    前往金澤享用午餐後 再到著名的兼六園

  • Day 5


  • Here's the plan: We wake up in Takayama, where we will spend the morning at one of

    高山地區有兩個著名的早市 今天早上我先造訪其中一個

  • its popular morning markets.


  • We then head to Kanazawa, where we'll have a lunch and visit the famous Kenrokuen Garden,

    傳統工藝 當地蔬菜及飲食

  • before staying the night at a traditional Japanese ryokan.

    現在我肚子太餓 所以先來吃早餐

  • So we've arrived this morning at one of Takayama's two morning markets.


  • Now these morning markets that are open daily sell a selection of crafts, local vegetables


  • and street food.


  • I'm starving, so let's go and get breakfast.


  • We then head over to Toyama via the Takayama Line, before taking the Hokuriku Shinkansen


  • to Kanazawa.


  • From Kanazawa Station we make the 15 minute walk to Omicho Market.


  • We've just arrived in Kanazawa and first of all we're gonna get some local cuisine

    金澤最有名的特產是 當地的海鮮和金箔

  • for lunch and following that we're gonna take a trip to Kenrokuen, one of the three

    只要到近江町市場餐廳 就能同時品嘗兩種特產

  • most beautiful gardens in all of Japan.


  • Let's go!


  • Two of the things Kanazawa is most famous for are its incredible seafood and gold leaf.

    這座庭園是為當時財力僅次於將軍 的藩主所打造的休閒庭園

  • Now this restaurant that we are in today in Omicho Market combines the two and it looks


  • absolutely delicious.


  • We're here in Kenrokuen, a garden that was made for the enjoyment of the local lord who


  • in the feudal era was the second richest in all of Japan after the Shogun.


  • Today this garden is opened to the public

    現在我正在吃的就是金澤 的頂級料理及當地美酒

  • and stands at Kanazawa's number one tourist attraction.

    接下來 我就要休息為明天的旅程做準備

  • Following our exploration of Kenrokuen,


  • we make the short walk to our accommodation for the night.


  • I'm currently enjoying a course dinner of Kanazawa haute cuisine accompanied by some


  • delicious local sake.


  • After this it's off to bed because we've got a big day tomorrow.


  • Kanpai.


  • Day 6


  • We leave Kanazawa behind and head on to Fukui Prefecture, where we'll partake in a Kimono

    我們預計先搭乘北陸本線從金澤出發 到蘆原溫泉站後再轉乘巴士到丸岡城

  • wearing experience and visit Maruoka Castle.


  • After a morning of kimono fun, we head to the Hakusan Heisenji Shrine before making

    現在已經到丸岡城了 從日本武家統治時期保存至今的天守閣

  • our way to Shiga Prefecture and the town of Omi Hachiman,

    全日本只有12座 這裡就是其中一座

  • where our day will come to an end.

    從丸岡城搭乘巴士到永平寺口站 然後搭電車到勝山站

  • We take the Hokuriku main line from Kanazawa to Awara Onsen station, before taking a bus


  • to Maruoka Castle, where we will make the short walk to the kimono rental shop.


  • We have arrived at Maruoka Castle, one of only twelve in Japan whose keep has survived

    就像現在一樣 地面上覆蓋著滿滿青苔

  • since the feudal era.

    整座寺廟也瀰漫著一股沈靜的氛圍 現在就跟我們一起前往參觀

  • From Maruoka Castle we take a bus to Eiheijiguchi Station and then board a train all the way

    最後 我們從勝山搭乘電車 沿途欣賞優美的風景抵達福井

  • to Katsuyama Station, from where a taxi will take us to the Hakusan Heisenji Shrine.


  • We've just arrived at Hakusan Heisenji Shrine and this place is well known for the moss,


  • which as you can see covers a lot of the shrine grounds.


  • Now the atmosphere in this place is just absolutely serene, so let's go and check it out.


  • To end our day of exploration we take a train back through the countryside from Katsuyama

    從東京出發前往京都的第6天 旅程已順利結束

  • to Fukui, where we board a limited express train to Maibara before heading to Omihachiman


  • via a special rapid train.


  • The ryokan we will be staying at is around 30 minutes' walk from the station, or around


  • ten minutes by taxi.


  • So we've made it to the end of Day 6 of this incredible journey from Tokyo to Kyoto.

    這趟行程的最後一天 我們預計前往近江八幡搭船

  • And tomorrow we've got yet another amazing day planned.

    再到商業老街散步 享用當地特產的午餐

  • But I think for now it's time for a little bit of relaxation

    然後啟程前往最後的目的地 也就是京都的伏見稻荷大社

  • before getting a good night's sleep.

    現在我們搭乘經過的這條渠道 就是數百年前當地藩主建造的運河

  • Day 7

    這條運河促進了近江八幡 商業市區的蓬勃發展

  • For the last day of our trip, we start with a boat ride along the Omihachiman canal, after


  • which we'll explore the old merchant district and indulge in a local delicacy for lunch.


  • Following that it's off to the final stop of our journey: Kyoto's Fushimi Inari Shrine.


  • So the canal that we are sailing on this morning was made by the local lord some centuries


  • ago and later it contributed heavily to Omi Hachiman's ascendency as a commercial hub.


  • Only a few minutes away from where the boat ride docks is Shinmachi-dori Street, along


  • which many historic buildings have been well-preserved.


  • So we're here at a restaurant inside the old merchant district and this restaurant

    回到近江八幡站後 搭乘約35分鐘的電車前往京都

  • specializes in Omi Beef, the local delicacy.


  • Today we're going to eat it Sukiyaki Style and the way you do that is by cooking the


  • beef in this broth before having it with a little bit of raw egg.


  • It looks delicious and I cannot wait to dig in.


  • Back at Omi Hachiman Station, we take a 35-minute train ride to Kyoto, where we take the Nara

    想得知更多本次旅遊相關資訊 請點擊螢幕下方連結

  • Line a couple of stops to Inari Station.

    Japan-guide提供您最全面性的 第一手日本旅遊資訊

  • So we finally made it to our last destination on this 7 day tour from Tokyo to Kyoto, and


  • what better way to end a trip like this than at Kyoto's fantastic Fushimi Inari shrine.


  • And that concludes our amazing adventure along Japan's New Golden Route.


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  • about Japan.

  • Happy travels.

In this three-part series we are taking a seven-day six-night trip from Tokyo to Kyoto,

這篇三部曲特輯報導是 從東京到京都7天6夜之旅的介紹


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