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  • This is the day that the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it

  • We've all come together in the presence of God to celebrate the marriage of Boomer and Loretta

  • I could tell right away that

  • These two were meant to be together

  • Boomer met Loretta at a party one night

  • And since that day they have never been apart from one another.

  • Over the past ten years they've they've grown together

  • in love through the difficulties of time and distance

  • They were able to foster the beginning of their affection

  • through long distance during their early college years

  • they've been able to continue to grow in their love

  • Through the last year and a half while Loretta has been pursuing her graduate degree across the sea in Japan

  • They were even able to plan this wedding

  • while living in two different countries

  • that span time zones with a 13 hour time difference.

  • Back then long-distance meant the end for relationships

  • and I never heard of one lasting

  • but boomer and Loretta made it work.

  • I love how you love this woman.

  • You are the perfect partner for this insane

  • Intelligent beautiful creature,

  • I know you will make her very happy as her husband.

  • I Boomer, take you Loretta, to be my wife.

  • I, Loretta, take you to be my husband.

  • To have and to hold from this day forward

  • for better for worse, for richer for poorer

  • in sickness and in health

  • to love and to cherish as long as we both shall live.

  • Therefore I declare that they are husband and wife

  • in the name of the Father and the Holy Spirit

  • you may kiss your bride! :) !!!

  • It is a privilege to be your friend

  • Everyone who meets you loves you instantly

  • you are intelligent and wise and the most ambitious

  • spirited, magical person that I know.

  • Boomer you caught yourself a good one!

  • Keep encouraging and supporting Loretta.

  • Loretta is not a woman to be leash but to roam free

  • I know you are the man for the job.

  • I can't wait to watch your relationship and team grow!

  • Boomer and Loretta, I'm so excited for the both of you.

  • I know you're going to be a great team.

  • I wish you nothing but love and joy for many years.

  • Congratulations!

  • I love Loretta with all my heart.

  • I'm grateful to her for having met Boomer,

  • and I'm grateful for all of you

  • from the bottom of my heart for being here.

  • It's my great pleasure and privilege to introduce

  • to you for the very first time as husband and wife:

  • Loretta and Boomer!

This is the day that the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it


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我們的婚禮|Loretta + Boomer (OUR WEDDING | Loretta + Boomer)

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