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  • well good morning guys morning good morning we've woken up to a beautiful

    早上好,大家早上好 早上我們醒來了一個美麗的早晨

  • day these guys here on the mountain I mean this is this is for me this is

    那天這些傢伙在山上我 意思是這是對我來說這是

  • paradise some people think of paradises like beaches for me it's being out in

    天堂有人認為天堂 對我來說就像沙灘

  • the woods having mountains in the background

    在山上的樹林 背景

  • and just breathing in fresh air yeah only the sounds of nature

    然後呼吸新鮮空氣 只有天the

  • I would agree honestly it's so beautiful here like we arrived at Mount Washington

    老實說,我很同意 就像我們到達華盛頓山一樣

  • late in the evening yesterday so we couldn't really enjoy it to its full

    昨天深夜,所以我們 不能真正享受它的全部

  • extent yeah but today we're spending the whole day on the mountain so yeah we

    是的,但是今天我們花了 一整天在山上,所以我們

  • woke up early we're gonna have some breakfast then we have our family friend

    早點醒來我們要吃點東西 早餐,然後我們有家人朋友

  • who's gonna be driving up here so yeah we're gonna be hiking in and around

    誰會開車來這裡,是的 我們要在附近遠足

  • Mount Washington and uh yeah it's just gonna be so fun and so basically our

    華盛頓山,嗯,這只是 會很有趣,所以基本上我們

  • first full day here after a nice day of rest can't wait to check this out

    美好的一天過後,這裡是第一天 休息迫不及待想看看

  • to

  • well we've assembled with the whole group so now we're with the Joe and

    好吧,我們已經與整個 組,所以現在我們和喬和

  • Joyce as well and we've driven over to Strathcona Provincial Park we're gonna

    喬伊斯(Joyce)也是如此,我們已經轉向 Strathcona省立公園,我們要去

  • do some hiking Joe had a specific trail in mind which we should be able to

    做一些遠足喬有特定的足跡 考慮到我們應該能夠

  • tackle apparently it's pretty easy it's gonna be about an hour and a half it

    解決顯然很容易 大約一個半小時

  • leaves a lake roundtrip fairly flat I believe so yeah I mean we've got a great

    離開湖往返相當平坦我 相信,是的,我是說我們有一個很棒的

  • day blue skies this is perfect for hiking and being outdoors I'm already

    湛藍的天空,這是完美的 徒步旅行和戶外活動我已經

  • feeling fit worried that we'll all be wine tastes tasting and eating that we

    感到健康擔心我們都會 品嚐和品嚐我們的葡萄酒

  • do in the videos if we're going to be able to finish this trek we're out of shape these

    如果我們要在視頻中做 能夠完成這次跋涉,我們這些都變形了

  • people that wishes have met our amazing shape I mean once you see this video

    希望已遇見我們的人 形狀,我的意思是,一旦您看到此視頻

  • you're going to agree with me well I hope we can make it through and not be

    你會很好地同意我的 希望我們能夠通過而不是

  • put to shame right welcome everyone to Strathcona Park we're here at Raven

    羞恥地歡迎大家 Strathcona公園,我們在Raven

  • Lodge we're going to go out to Helen McKenzie Lake by some creeks and see

    小屋,我們要去海倫 麥肯齊湖邊的小溪看

  • some of the property that is wonderful here for hiking especially at this time

    一些很棒的物業 在這里特別是遠足

  • of year and then in the winter time it's excellent for snowshoeing and

    一年然後在冬天的時候 非常適合雪鞋行走和

  • backcountry skiing so we've got a perfect day for walking and yeah and

    越野滑雪,所以我們有一個 完美的散步和一天

  • have a grand time with friends let's get our popsicle sticks moving alright nice

    和朋友們玩得開心,讓我們得到 我們的冰棍棒運動還不錯

  • loop and we're gonna be passing some legs it's gonna be amazing

    循環,我們將通過一些 腿會很棒

  • to give you a bit of information we went hiking in Strathcona Provincial Park

    給你一些信息,我們去了 在斯特拉斯科納省公園徒步旅行

  • which is the largest provincial park on the island and also the oldest in

    這是最大的省級公園 島上也是最古老的

  • British Columbia having been established in 1911 we tackled the Helen Mackenzie

    不列顛哥倫比亞省成立 在1911年,我們解決了海倫·麥肯齊(Helen Mackenzie)

  • Trail which took us through meadows across creeks and streams and into the

    帶我們穿過草地的小徑 橫跨小溪和溪流,並進入

  • forest it was an easy walk and we had beautiful weather for it this is my kind

    森林這是一個輕鬆的步行,我們有 美好的天氣,這是我的一種

  • of walk exactly nice and flat level we're surrounded by forests beautiful

    的步行恰好平坦 我們被美麗的森林包圍

  • views of the mountains it's just such a nice sea to be out what do you think Sam

    山的景色就是這樣 美好的大海出山,你怎麼看薩姆

  • I love it I love it it's my kind of weather

    我愛我愛它是我的那種 天氣

  • it is Huckleberry time lots of bushes here along the path so we're stopping

    這是哈克貝利時間很多灌木叢 沿著這條路走,所以我們要停下來

  • for a snack why eat sandwiches and whatever else you buy yeah well we'll

    要吃零食,為什麼要吃三明治和 不管你買其他什麼,我們都會的

  • have those at the lake but for now nature snack nice nice and tight aren't

    在湖邊有那些,但現在 大自然的零食好吃又緊

  • they


  • what do you think Audrey Oh No Wow you look like a proper Mountaineer there

    您如何看待Audrey哦,不,哇 看起來像一個合適的登山家

  • well we arrived at the lake at long last we're having a little break

    好吧,我們到達了湖 最後,我們有一點休息

  • a little light lunch some wraps fruit we've befriended the birds ya know those

    一點午餐,一些包裹水果 我們結識了小鳥,你們知道那些

  • little birds we've been filming along lately gosh here we can brought out our

    我們一直在拍的小鳥 最近天哪,我們可以帶出我們

  • food and you just stick out your hand and they come and land there's one there

    食物,你伸出你的手 他們來降落在那裡

  • just thinking about it they really know about the tourists coming here and

    他們真的知道 關於來這裡的遊客

  • they're feeding them and they're having a good time you know we made it to the

    他們正在餵養他們,他們正在 美好的時光,你知道我們做到了

  • lake look at this place mmm crystal clear it's a little bit cool yeah

    湖看這個地方mmm水晶 清楚這有點酷耶

  • you just feel like diving in and if Togo were here this would be his paradise

    你只是想跳進去,如果多哥 在這裡,這將是他的天堂

  • yeah look at that look at this place can you imagine log cabin on the side

    是的,看看那個地方 你能想像側面的小木屋嗎

  • of the lake a couple of good dogs wood-burning stove no more you need what

    湖上的兩隻好狗 柴火爐不再需要什麼

  • else man in life I mean what the heck are we doing in the cities this is

    生活中的其他人,我的意思是什麼 我們在城市裡做這是

  • what's all about personally speaking to me this is what it's all about this is

    關於親自與人交談的全部內容 對我來說,這就是全部

  • what life is all about I think we're gonna have a hard time pulling my dad

    生活到底是什麼,我認為我們 要拉我爸爸會很難

  • away from the island this is my kind of turf you know

    離島這是我的那種 你知道的草皮

  • after completing the hike we returned back to the apartment and had a quick

    完成遠足後,我們返回了 回到公寓,很快

  • rest then it was time for a little afternoon outing to explore Mount

    休息,然後是時候了 下午郊遊探索山

  • Washington


  • well guys we are going up the mountain yes so we were going through trover

    好傢伙,我們要上山了 是的,所以我們經歷了Trover

  • looking for things to do for the afternoon and I saw a picture of a ski

    尋找要做的事情 下午,我看到了一張滑雪的照片

  • lift yes in winter the whole mountain covered in snow yeah and then as we were

    是的,冬天整個山都可以 被雪覆蓋,是的,然後像我們一樣

  • driving back to her place I noticed the ski chairs like the ski lift was

    開車回到她的地方,我注意到 像滑雪纜車一樣的滑雪椅

  • actually moving like it's actually in use you know it's like the end of summer

    像在裡面一樣真實地移動 用你知道這就像夏天的結束

  • early autumn so we're like it would be really cool to go up and see the views

    初秋,所以我們會 上去看風景真的很酷

  • so we're visiting in early September and the schedule at the moment is from we're

    所以我們要在9月初參觀 目前的時間表是從我們

  • stopping for a minute and just bobbing so can you wait hang hang on so the

    停下來一會兒 所以你可以等一下等一下

  • schedule is from Friday to Sunday I can't remember what time is dirt but I

    時間表是從星期五到星期日 不記得什麼時候是泥土,但我

  • do know that the last one is at 5:30 in the evening cuz those probably and let's

    知道最後一個是在5:30 晚上,因為那些可能,讓我們

  • say it's an afternoon activity yes we've got about an hour and a half atop the

    說這是下午的活動,是的 頂了大約一個半小時

  • mountain to like enjoy the views apparently there's bears they were

    喜歡欣賞山景 顯然它們是熊

  • telling us they've seen bears from one of the towers oh yeah there's yeah so I

    告訴我們他們看過一隻熊 的塔哦,是的,所以我

  • guess in the offseason when there's no skiing there are a couple little hikes

    在休賽期中猜測沒有 滑雪有一些小遠足

  • you can do and a couple observation decks over and we've seen people

    你可以做一些觀察 甲板上,我們已經看到人們

  • mountain biking yeah like they ride the lift up and then come down on their

    是的,就像他們騎山地自行車一樣 舉起然後放下他們

  • bikes which is another option yes and ziplining ziplining to the ziplining

    自行車是另一種選擇,是的, 拉鍊襯里拉鏈襯裡

  • mountain braking so it's an outdoor adventure paradise basically and a

    山地剎車所以這是戶外 基本上是冒險天堂

  • beautiful day to be going up I don't love this so the chairlift did

    美麗的一天要上升,我不 喜歡這個,所以纜車做到了

  • eventually start moving after what felt like an eternity and shortly thereafter

    最終在感覺之後開始移動 像永恆一樣,此後不久

  • we were distracted by our first wildlife encounter a black bear walking across a

    我們被第一批野生動物分心 遇到一隻黑熊走過

  • flowery meadow right under our feet oh the Bears right there

    在我們腳下的絢麗的草地哦 熊在那裡

  • he had a marvelous magical encounter as we were coming up with ski lifts tell us

    他經歷了一次奇妙的神奇遭遇 我們要帶滑雪纜車告訴我們

  • what have you been wanting to see for such a long time oh I finally have after 50

    你一直想找什麼 這麼長時間了,我終於有50歲了

  • years in Canada I get to see my first bear cub he's a baby bear I mean we

    在加拿大的幾年裡,我第一次見到我 小熊,他是小熊,我的意思是我們

  • decided to come up the lift on the mountain yeah and we got lost we're

    決定搭上電梯 是的,我們迷路了

  • trying to see where which way how do we get here and as we are coming up I'm

    試圖看看我們在哪裡 到這裡,我們就要來了

  • going in the chair with a samuel's dad with George yeah and about five or six

    和塞繆爾的父親坐在椅子上 與喬治耶和大約五六個

  • chairs behind this Audrey and Sam we're coming up and right in front of us in

    我們在奧黛麗和山姆後面的椅子 出現在我們面前

  • the open we see this cub this bear cub crossing you know the the area with no

    開放,我們看到這隻幼崽,這隻小熊 穿越你知道該地區沒有

  • trees and I'm screaming back and you know this one was waiting for us to film

    樹木,我在尖叫,你 知道這個人在等我們拍攝

  • for these videos because one half a minute before or half a minute later and

    對於這些視頻,因為一半 一分鐘前或一分鐘後

  • we've not have seen him yeah he was walking towards the edge of the

    我們還沒有見過他 他正朝著邊緣走去

  • forest he was eating berries not like that blueberries and stuff like that you

    他吃的森林不喜歡漿果 藍莓之類的東西

  • know and the the little guy was just like in his own world he was not even

    知道,那個小傢伙只是 就像在他自己的世界中,他甚至沒有

  • aware that we were up there yeah filming you know but for me just that made this

    知道我們在那裡 你知道,但是對我而言

  • trip worthwhile 100 what an experience now we need to see a maybe a cougar

    值得一遊100的經驗,現在我們 需要看一隻美洲獅

  • you know I was thinking maybe we had to see a deer or maybe an elk or something

    你知道我在想也許我們必須 看到鹿或麋鹿之類的東西

  • like that but a black bear I always thought mmm it's kind of iffy yeah yeah

    這樣,但我總是黑熊 以為嗯,這有點像是

  • and this morning we were hiking and they told us all there is a bear around

    今天早上我們在遠足,他們 告訴我們周圍都有熊

  • they've seen a bear and we were looking and looking and trying to locate that

    他們看過熊,我們在看 並尋找並試圖找到它

  • animal and it was gone yeah so there you have it we got it on camera yeah black

    動物,它消失了,所以你在那裡 有它嗎我們在相機上得到它是的黑色

  • bear Canadian black bear


  • Mount Washington is best known as a ski destination since the snow here is often

    華盛頓山最有名的滑雪場 目的地,因為這裡經常下雪

  • deeper than anywhere else in British Columbia but it was so pretty cool

    比英國任何地方都深 哥倫比亞,但真是太酷了

  • getting to experience it in the summer time we had mountain views in every

    在夏天開始體驗 每次我們都有山景

  • direction and we were even able to spy the lake we had hide to that very

    方向,我們甚至可以間諜 我們躲到那邊的湖

  • morning


  • and that's it for today's video and the next episode Sam returns to his hometown

    就是今天的視頻和 下集Sam返回家鄉

  • of Gold River and we take a boat trip aboard the Uchuk III so we'll see

    的金河,我們乘船遊覽 在Uchuk III上,我們將看到

  • you soon with that adventure


well good morning guys morning good morning we've woken up to a beautiful

早上好,大家早上好 早上我們醒來了一個美麗的早晨


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