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  • In this video we explore how to turn classroom rules

  • into a classroom pledge

  • that your students want to follow.

  • The idea is to get your students to help write the rules

  • in the form of a classroom pledge.

  • This gives them ownership of the classroom rules

  • and encourages them to help each other behave.

  • Divide your whiteboard into two

  • and ask your students to brainstorm ideas

  • about good classroom behavior

  • and how they should treat each other.

  • Write their ideas down on one side of the board

  • and repeat this process for things they shouldn't do.

  • If you have young students who can't read,

  • try having them draw pictures as part of the brainstorming process.

  • If any important social skills are missing,

  • give your students a hint or help them find it.

  • Then have them help combine similar ideas on both sides.

  • Be sure to thank them and give them praise for their ideas.

  • Your goal is to reinforce positive behavior.

  • With these two lists write your classroom pledge.

  • For example:

  • In Room 314 we are always kind,

  • listen to our teacher,

  • ask a lot of questions and help each other.

  • We don't say or do things that hurt

  • or take without asking.

  • We are here to learn and do our best!”

  • Speak out your pledge together once a day

  • and your students will want to help each other

  • follow their very own classroom rules

  • - If you have your own ideas on how to improve the classroom

  • please let us know in the comments

  • and please post your own versions of the classroom pledge :)

  • We're releasing updates regularly,

  • so don't forget to subscribe to our channel.

  • Thank you for watching!

In this video we explore how to turn classroom rules


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課堂宣誓。在學校進行民主教育 (The Classroom Pledge: Teaching Democracy in School)

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