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  • Hey guys!

  • Come over here, I have an announcement to make!

  • Allow me to introduce the latest member of the Justice League!

  • Batman?

  • But..but.. isn't heyou know.. more of the ….Powerless kind

  • Dude, don't say the P word!

  • Shame on you, GL!

  • Erm..erm...hahaha

  • I'm sure Batman will do just fine.

  • He will fit in the Justice League family perfectly, am I right guys?

  • Definitely.

  • Batman is great!

  • Yeah man!

  • Awhh~~ how cute, he's trying so hard with his kungfu moves and cute little gadgets.

  • Yeah man, that's so adorable.

  • Wow, that was so tough! Tough fight!

  • You're doing awesome Batman, those Parademons are really strong.

  • I have no idea how did you do that!

  • Look at what you have done! You hurt his feeling!

  • You were showing off too much of your power!

  • Dude, you're the one who sweeps out half the army, who are you? Thanos or something?

  • Darn, that poor fella must be so sad now

  • Their fire power is too strong.

  • Wonder Woman, I'm going to take down their leader and that should stop them. Cover me, okay?

  • Alright, Batman! I will cover you!

  • What the frost, Wonder Woman, this is not what I meant!

  • Don't worry, Batman, there is nothing to be ashamed of!

  • having no superpower is not your fault.

  • We will protect you! !

  • Take this!

  • Be gone evil doer!

  • Nope! Stay down buddy!

  • Let me get that!

  • Take this!

  • That's ENOUGH!!!

  • I'm sick and tired of this!!! Stop treating me like this!!

  • I know I don't have superpower like all of you guys do.

  • I know I'm not the last son of an extinct alien race.

  • I know I'm not chosen by intergalactic higher being to be the guardian of star system.

  • But I have trained myself day and night, for years!

  • I have pushed myself over the limit of no man has ever been.

  • All I'm asking here is to be treated fairly and equally.

  • aAbecause of my superpower but my super strong spirit!

  • That's great, now that we have gotten that outta the way, we should celebrate this as a team, as a family!

  • Let get back to the watchtower and have parteyyyyy!

  • Off we go!

  • Hello Alfred, send the Batjet to my location now!

  • Say what!

  • What do you mean it is in the shop?!


Hey guys!


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