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  • today.

  • I wanted it to go outside and play with Elmo at the park.

  • What?

  • My mommy and my property said that I can right now make me feel really, really frustrated.

  • Yeah.

  • Do you ever feel frustrated or or saddle or nervous?

  • Well, my mommy show me a way to calm me down whenever I have big feelings.

  • A little feelings.

  • It's called Betty breathing.

  • Hey, I can show you.

  • Have the baby breathe.

  • OK, everyone, put your hands on your belly like this.

  • They're good.

  • Now take a deep breath in through your nose like this and slowly breathe out through your mouth like this.

  • It seems good, right?

  • What time, amigos?

  • Hands on your belly.

  • No, the bread into your nose.

  • Thanks.

  • Really?

  • Breathe out through your mouth.

  • Like this.

  • Good.

  • Yeah.

  • Did you feel better?

  • I should dio Now remember to use bad breathing every time you feel, you know, frustrated for Well, I gotta go.

  • I have a video playdate with Elmo.

  • You know, even though we can't get together, that doesn't mean that we could not have a playdate today caring for each other.



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Sesame Street:和Rosita一起學習腹式呼吸 #關愛他人 (Sesame Street: Learn to Belly Breathe with Rosita | #CaringForEachOther)

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