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  • ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls.

  • Hello.

  • I'm Julian.

  • Or during English.

  • Don't call here.

  • I am in Dublin with Guinness.

  • Storehouse is in whatever.

  • It's full of Guinness storehouse.

  • Every time I come to double I come here.

  • I absolutely love it.

  • Then it several times.

  • But every time I come here, I find something new that I've never noticed before.

  • It's fascinating.

  • Interesting like that.

  • Just about the whole thing.

  • I mean apart.

  • Learning about the process of how Guinness is made by the building itself is absolutely stunning.

  • Let me just look at it.

  • But their eyes is a good lesson to be learned here, something I always encourage people who take my courses.

  • Accelerated course in particular.

  • Really, any of my courses to do is to go through lesson sections multiple times at different points in their life, depending on what kind of frame of mind there in how they're feeling in that time.

  • Or really, just how things might have changed in that line.

  • Because when you do like a lesson, whether it's like an English lesson or some kind of training asses case, my accelerator, you will pick up on different things.

  • A Z being important to you at a particular moment in time.

  • Depending on what is going on in your on, you will often get quite quite different, Uh, insights from doing that.

  • Repetition is grateful for learning, of course, but again, it's warm lesson can actually have multiple learning, depending.

  • That's again different points in your life.

  • This is me doing open signing out of this video head over its during the english dot com sign up from, like, three daily emails on Lee going to skip up to the advertising section now I think my favorite bit.

  • Then I'm gonna go and have a pint of Guinness rabbi.

ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls.


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為什麼要重複上英語課和培訓 (Why you need to repeat English lessons and training)

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