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  • It's quick wit who wants to complain to you?

  • I know.

  • I don't know.

  • What about all that stuff about him having a dirty ship and being lazy and all?

  • I never in short, no man ship.

  • Beware standing certain His mother.

  • Wait, It was his mother you said was dirty, Not his ship.

  • You got me in trouble.

  • You got me moved to the back of the room.

  • It cost me one of my good noodle stars.

  • Who cares about a stupid store?

  • G.

  • Patrick, It seems like you would care a lot about stupid stars, considering you are one Patrick, What am I now know?

  • I'm Texas.

  • What's different?

  • You know?

  • Thanks.

  • What did you do to my drink?

  • I you what?

  • You ask for a couple of ice cubes in your drink, and I only but squid words always been there for us when it was convenient for him.

  • Evelyn, when your little Jimmy was trapped in a fire, who rescued him?

  • A fireman And Larry, When your heart gave out from all those canning pills who revived you?

  • Some guy in an ambulance, right?

  • So if we all could just pretend that squid word was a firemen are some dying An ambulance.

  • Then I'm sure we could all pull together and discover what it truly means.

  • Toe be in a marching band.

  • Stupid dance I've ever seen with you on the planet.

  • SpongeBob.

  • You gotta ask you my question 1st 0 yeah?

  • What color is my underwear back?

  • Living memory back there.

  • I don't think that way more like it.

  • Water.

  • You waiting for Gary?

  • What's your wish?

  • My wish is that the people of bikini bottom will stop paying any attention to the name trouble that is constantly streaming out of this dunderheads mouth G squid would.

  • Maybe Santa will bring me a dictionary so I can understand what you just said.

  • Wait right there for your figure to know fingernails.

  • You don't even have in your nails.

  • Get on a beard, you weigh.

  • It doesn't seem right, but it feels so good.

  • Cars, radish scenario.

  • Suffer the ocean.

  • Hold on.

  • I've got a jar.

  • Antonio clippings in my office.

  • Oops.

  • I dropped it in the way.

  • Lord Patrick more than sponge bowl.

  • I can't take losing the topic cards in the phone in the punch bowl, but I was supposed to lead the funding up.

  • This is a bunch of articles I get.

  • Just get out of your stupid, dumb, edible, grabby daddy served in a greasy sauce.

  • And And don't forget that you will be.

  • I take that pilot filled out with you, Mr Crabs.

  • You shouldn't talk about squid.

  • Word like that cabin will buff out those graduates.

  • By the way, you forgot your briefcase.

  • So this is the thanks I get for working overtime.

  • Why don't you ask me later?

  • What?

  • What?

  • Get way.

  • Thanks.

  • More than one squirrel to screw in a live ball.

  • Eso Theo.

  • That's two things in this house that won't work.

  • Then go, Theo.

  • Things that won't weigh mind.

  • I want soup instead.

  • Okay, move!

  • Go!

  • It's alphabet soup.

  • I made it.

  • That show.

  • Have you ever heard the one about the squirrel in the tin cans?

  • I don't think so.

  • Well, it goes like this.

  • Wait, I've got the punch line.

  • Oh, yeah.

  • That's a good one, isn't it?

It's quick wit who wants to complain to you?


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