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  • Hey, guys, Singles on Ash, Tiffany's It's Cat, the cat.

  • I'm quickly Ghana.

  • Summer is a couple of things are happening here in Japan right now during the state off emergency that I want to make you guys aware off We talked about these ones in our life stream, but I'm just gonna Summer is a couple of points now.

  • Last week, the state of emergency gold colt it's been going on for over a week.

  • What happened now is first it was only cold out in seven Prefecture, and that was, for example, Tokyo also card every populated ones that have seen a lot of cases.

  • However, this state of emergency has now been expanded to nation wide.

  • So please take care wherever in Japan you are at this point in time.

  • If you're coming here, I traveled to Japan and out of Japan has become or more restricted.

  • You might have to check if you planning to come to Japan.

  • It's probably not the best of time right now.

  • Actually, tourists and travelers that come to Japan have dropped by over 90% because also a big danger is that he could come to Japan in the new Congo home, and that's really a situation you do not want to be in.

  • Posed to and from Japan is limited right now as well Police take on the Japanese post office.

  • They have a list that's also in English, that list to which countries you can still send and receive mail into which countries you can not do this.

  • So, for example, I have a picture on.

  • I had to check this list and see who is on it.

  • At this point in time, we can still send things, for example, to the USA.

  • Guess you want to order something from Japan, but that might change.

  • And also the delivery times are not reliable at this point in time, the post office said.

  • They can give us absolutely no guarantee for that.

  • Now.

  • Many people seem to be thinking that Japan right now is in a locked down.

  • We're not in a locked town or that the whole country is in quarantine were also not in quarantine.

  • The thing is, people are asked to stay at home as much as they can, but it is not enforced by fees or similar things.

  • At this point in time, certain stores are still open, but many stores have now been asked to close.

  • So, for example, in Tokyo, Pachenko places Carioca places in game centers asked to close.

  • But it is not mandatory, which means some cheeky ones are still remaining open.

  • And the ones that can are trying to close.

  • However, with all businesses, as you might know, the smaller businesses of really struggling while the big businesses closing, probably also struggling.

  • But they have a name to upkeep.

  • But some of the local ones or family run businesses they feel forced to still work in older to keep their livelihood.

  • At this point in time, just to let you know we're filming this video in a safe environment, there are no people around.

  • We purposely selected an area where there would be no people around, and that's in another thing in Japan is not a locked down.

  • We are allowed to move freely, but what we want to do most of it is right now will be super super careful Right now.

  • Google is also showing some analytics on statistics of how people have been moving in a local residents.

  • The areas, but also at stations were a shopping malls and similar, and we compared the facts between New York and Tokyo, New York their percentage gently.

  • Tokyo is 10% behind, which means we haven't quite reached the goal yet, off 70% to 80% avoidance of other people.

  • I hope we'll get there.

  • But what we've seen a lot is that why the big areas that unknown for being crowded like Shibuya, Harajuku and such, they are less crowded for sure.

  • But the areas the residency areas in Tokyo, where people live, those little malls and areas actually still kind of crowded there.

  • Quite a lot of people out and about.

  • Everyone is wearing musk so but there is rule.

  • Residency areas are still much more populated than you might see in the media.

  • I'm a bit worried about that.

  • Hopefully, people will be a bit more careful from the one.

  • What we can see right now is as a big difference how the virus is portrayed on TV and how it is portrayed in social media.

  • On TV.

  • It seems to be very much very negative, very sensational, lest while many YouTubers are trying to talk about every positively like guys that stick together, let's help each other out that kind of thing.

  • Gently for news, be careful that you get official news.

  • If it's about news, I think getting positive encouragement is a great idea on social certain networking services.

  • Just don't listen to rumors because of the weirdest.

  • Rumors are going around already, tried Teoh.

  • If you get a source, get find a soul sets reliable like, for example, and it's your world does Japanese news in English.

  • So even if you don't speak Japanese, you can tune into that.

  • So this is just a little update on the current situation here in Japan.

  • The director and I were being safe to being very, very careful, and we're staying inside.

  • I think this is the first time I left the house in a long time properly, But we're trying to do our best to please do your best to no matter where in the world who are.

  • If you have to go out and you have to work for the sake of other people, then please be safe.

  • And thank you so much for all those workers who, keeping things going from the doctors to the people selling things in store to the garbage man.

  • Each one of them is doing such a major job.

  • These people are amazing.

  • So if you work in any of those businesses thank you so much for heading out Everyone who has to work right now even though they want Don't willing one to cast a scared respect to you guys.

  • Please stay safe.

  • Steep.

  • Please, Please, please stay Being careful about your health as well.

  • And everyone inside and know lots of as a lonely And lots of us have many things we want to do and friends we want to meet.

  • But at this point in time, let's stick together.

  • Let's let's speak here full.

  • Let's protect the others around us and our sales everyone.

Hey, guys, Singles on Ash, Tiffany's It's Cat, the cat.


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Tbh,日本的緊急警報是....T_T。 (Tbh, The emergency alert in Japan is....T_T)

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