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  • right now, there's so much information and news being shared around the world on Facebook on instagram on.

  • What's that message is in the news in newspapers.

  • To be honest, it's almost a little bit too much.

  • Well, today I'm gonna give you some great phrases to help you to share this information in English with the people around you.

  • This is gonna meet super useful guys.

  • Let's get going.

  • Okay, So you've seen a report that the government are gonna close all the schools and you want to share this with the people around you?

  • How do you do that, guys?

  • Apparently, the government are gonna close all the schools until September.

  • Apparently is a great phrase to introduce information there were not 100% sure about.

  • We're not certain it's a fact, but we think it's probably true.

  • And it's worth sharing this information.

  • So apparently is a great way to do that.

  • I've read the government.

  • They're gonna closer schools into a September.

  • I've heard the government are gonna open the schools at all.

  • Now these two are similar to apparently, but they are based on a source that we have either red or hurt.

  • So I've read, I've heard probably we were reading a newspaper article or we were listening to the radio on.

  • We got some information, and this is a great way to share that information with people that we know.

  • So I've read that blah, blah, blah.

  • I've heard that blah, blah, blah again.

  • Maybe we're not 100% sure.

  • At least there is some source for this information now.

  • If you want directly, tell people where you got the source from.

  • You can use this phrase well.

  • According to the BBC, there are scientists in America who are close to finding a vaccine, according to is the perfect phrase to use.

  • If you want to give the source of the information so it could be according to the BBC or to The Guardian or the South China Morning Post, it could be according to a person.

  • So according to my dad, blah, blah, blah, according to my sister, who's a nurse, blah, blah, blah.

  • So it's completely up to you now if you want to share information that you are not 100% sure about.

  • In fact, you might not know if it's true or no, you can use these braces allegedly John Personal trainer Rumors have it jump on your family's personal trainer Now.

  • What these phrases do brilliantly is they help distance you from the information, so you're not presenting them as facts.

  • These aren't truths to you, but you're using these phrases to say, Well, you know something that maybe I heard or read somewhere or someone said, or but I don't know if it's true or not.

  • You don't blame me if it's not true, it's just something that had allegedly or rumor has it now in my WhatsApp groups, lots of people are sharing different news articles and stories, and they used these phrases to do so.

  • Has anyone seen this?

  • Did any of you read this?

  • These are great little phrases to share information.

  • I particular using them in WhatsApp groups.

  • But of course you could use it in a group situation in spoken English as well.

  • Another great one to help distance you from.

  • The fact is to use this phrase.

  • I've just spoken to a friend who works for the NHS, and they said that they're running out masks, so this is perfect for showing that you know, the source of the information and that you're not presenting it as fact yourself.

  • This is someone else's fact, and you're just sharing the information.

  • Now.

  • Of course, it can get a bit ridiculous, the further removed from the source you are.

  • Sometimes it can sound like this.

  • I was speaking to my sister's hand dresses, ex boyfriends, moms can.

  • She was meandering about all the Captain Southland not being able to carry on a year.

  • So there is a bunch of phrases to help you share information and news with the people around you.

  • I know that's a really important skill right now in English, so I hope you find that really useful.

  • I guys until next time.

  • This is Tom the chief dreamers saying, Stay safe, Stay positive.

  • I love you.

right now, there's so much information and news being shared around the world on Facebook on instagram on.


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