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  • Pain is universal,

  • but it is also an invitation to come home to yourself.

  • Healing is the foundation for growth and fulfillment.

  • Due to complications from a previous spinal cord fusion,

  • I spent the better part of seven years in bed in chronic pain and dependent on heavy narcotics.

  • But slowly I began to realize that I could lay in my bed in pain all the time

  • or I could live life and believe that I could heal.

  • When you numb the hard, painful things, you also numb the beautiful experiences.

  • So I began weaning myself off all pain medicine, and slowly I started waking up to the world again,

  • looking for beauty everywhere I went.

  • Yellow is the color of grace and joy,

  • the color of gratitude.

  • It means the hope of new adventures,

  • it's the laughter of friends and the hug of a loved one.

  • Yellow is the color that inspires me to sit quietly, reflect on the present moment,

  • and awaken to the beauty and goodness all around me.

  • Yellow is the color that inspires me to find healing,

  • just as I did with friends in Hawaii.

  • As I explored Kauai, yellow found me at every turn.

  • It encouraged me to push past my physical limitations and to speak lovingly to my fears.

  • It was there when we snorkeled along the emerald cliffs on thePali Coast,

  • when I kayaked to hidden waterfalls along the Wailua River.

  • It was there when I tasted poke in Hanalei.

  • When I ate shaved ice for the first time,

  • and when I learned the art of Samoan fire knife dancing.

  • In its purest form, yellow reminds me of hope, healing and resilience.

  • Mine and yours.

  • I am Ruthie Lindsey. This is what yellow means to me.

Pain is universal,


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發現你的黃色。夏威夷考艾島之旅|Expedia中文網 (Discover Your Yellow: Trip to Kauai, Hawaii | Expedia)

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