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  • the journey was perilous, but Nandor the relentless, stood tall and proud.

  • Does my hair really look that billowing?

  • Looks fantastic this season we find and all kind of where we left him.

  • Basically, Nando ring around.

  • I had.

  • What is known is Sammer of self discovery.

  • The part for dead pretty slow, some.

  • It's pretty much, as was.

  • It's a continuation from last year.

  • I would say I would say that you know, there's not that many changes to the dynamic in the House.

  • There's no such thing as goes OK, here we go again.

  • All we do is fight, I think someone some wonder breakfast burrito.

  • Yeah, once you get into it, you realize that this major change we find yet more in the crossroads.

  • He has been helping blood in him, and he still has his lifelong dream of becoming a vampire.

  • So it's kind of a huge intersection for him.

  • Gamer realizes that he's related to find housing and that he's got vampire killer blood flowing through his veins.

  • But we don't know that that Arc throughout the season is fun, figuring what the hell he's up to.

  • It's high jeopardy.

  • You're living with someone you know, natural instinct is to now kill you all.

  • I like the tie dyed.

  • You've been to a concert?

  • Yeah, they're a bunch of new characters have been introduced this season.

  • You know who you remind me?

  • Master me some fantastic cameos.

  • We've got some amazing guest stars.

  • I can't think of any right now, but And they do?

  • Yeah.

  • Getting off course not.

  • And they do.

  • Being in a show that is funny and daft and like mad is just the dream, you fool.

  • Not job.

  • Only joking.

  • I get off from any sort of improvised dialogue.

  • Looks like one of my card pieces, except not as big.

  • That's one of my favorite things about doing the show.

  • I've been experimenting with humor to drain energy five oclock somewhere.

  • That's the type of comedy I like to be a part of.

  • You know, people enjoy performances because we're enjoying being.

  • Those characters were all having a good time.

  • It's like the dream job, like being part of shadows has been like amazing chemistry.

  • Couldn't be more perfect.

  • Yeah, I was in here.

the journey was perilous, but Nandor the relentless, stood tall and proud.


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