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  • with humans holed up at home.

  • Wild critters are taking advantage of our absence to see the world, and at times it's pretty scary.

  • Ah, foreboding image In the skies above Manhattan, it's a flock of vultures circling over the epicenter of the pandemic crisis.

  • Here, the scavengers, usually associated with death, soar above the U.

  • S.

  • Navy hospital ship Comfort docked on the west side of the city.

  • In this photo, you can see the World Trade Center in the background.

  • The standoff.

  • It's a standoff.

  • Elsewhere, animals are taking full advantage of the absence of humanity.

  • Thes cops in Stamford, Connecticut, chased this pot bellied pig for 45 minutes before he's finally trapped in a trash can.

  • Ah, Kangaroo seems to have the city of Adelaide in Australia all to himself.

  • Watches.

  • He hops along the normally bustling streets.

  • Finally, these turkeys shredded along the streets in Baton Rouge, showing who's the new boss in town.

with humans holed up at home.


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禿鷲在紐約 "舒適號 "上空盤旋。 (Vultures Are Circling Above USNS Comfort in New York)

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