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  • we do begin with breaking news.

  • Authorities declaring a disaster After severe storms Overnight Dramatic video from Oklahoma shows one of several reported tornadoes.

  • The storms also causing major destruction in Texas.

  • Across both states, at least five people have been killed and dozens injured.

  • Jay and I.

  • This morning, a massive tornado caught on camera rolling through southern Oklahoma, slamming into a sheet metal business.

  • The twister, sending shrapnel hundreds of feet into the air, lay a huge witnesses say several vehicles were thrown into trees in the semi truck blown over.

  • But look at that.

  • That thing is getting larger and larger and larger.

  • That thing is violent.

  • That is a violent tornado.

  • Overnight, officials in Oklahoma confirming at least two people were killed from the storms come rain Farther south in Texas, this tornado touching down in Polk County, injuring at least 10 people, local authorities declaring a disaster, reporting significant damage to homes and public infrastructure.

  • Pictures of the damage showing homes destroyed and trees splintered.

  • Jessica Willey of our Houston station was there.

  • Huge trees were uprooted, see power lines are down and this morning new drone video showing one neighborhood devastated despite the destruction nature's beauty.

  • Also on display this rainbow clearly visible with the passing storm in the backdrop.

  • At least one death is also reported in Louisiana, and a tornado has been confirmed on the ground southeast of Jackson, Mississippi.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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we do begin with breaking news.


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致命的龍捲風猛烈襲擊了南部地區 ABC新聞網 (Deadly tornadoes slam the South l ABC News)

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