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  • Good evening, Mr. S.

  • Blowfish!

  • The number of people in your curious profession is

  • quite small.

  • Even so,

  • I doubt that you will be missed.

  • You've interfered with my plans

  • for the last time!

  • What plans?

  • You don't even have a lair.

  • This is a comedy club dressing room.

  • I just gave them the light. You're on in five.

  • Do you want me to mention your Netflix special?

  • What's it called again?

  • 23 Hours to Kill.

  • Oy.

  • "Oy"?

  • Who designed the bathroom stall

  • with the under-display viewing window?

  • So we can all see the lifeless, collapsed pant legs

  • and tragic little shoe fronts that are just barely poking out

  • from underneath the impotent belt lying helpless?

  • How much more money is it

  • to bring this wall down another foot?

  • Being a super villain is not that much money.

  • It's not comedy special money.

  • Well, you gotta have the material.

  • How about something about,

  • these super villains always want to take over the world,

  • but they build these death machines

  • that never work?

  • That's funny.

  • Take it. It's funnier coming from you, anyway.

Good evening, Mr. S.


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Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours to Kill | 祕密特工宣傳片 | Netflix (Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours to Kill | Secret Agent Promo | Netflix)

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