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  • So the guy in the shop with what he claims is the original microfilm for the Dallas Police Department's report on the assassination of JFK.

  • I know a lot about that day, but not nearly as much as the walking encyclopedia Mark Hall Patton.

  • He's coming by to take a look at this, and hopefully it's not just another conspiracy.

  • So these air the micro film of the police report from Dallas on the JFK assassination e mean everyone remembers where they were when JFK had been shot.

  • It was a monumental moment in history.

  • I was in grammar school when this happened.

  • You know, this was a huge thing, you know, After the Kennedy assassination, the Dallas P.

  • D.

  • Started investigating it, but the FBI had already investigated Lee Harvey Oswald because he was kind of on their radar.

  • But they had missed the fact that he was also enough of a lunatic, that he was going to kill the president, and so they didn't want that to come out.

  • So the government was trying to cover stuff up, of course.

  • So these air the master negative copy back in the mid seventies microphone was a great way of making copies of a large mass of paper and making it available.

  • The master negative was the one that you did not let anybody put through the machine, but everybody wanted copies.

  • And the one problem with microfilm is as you were using it, as you put it through the machines to be able to see what was on this, they would get scraped.

  • After a while, it was impossible to read some of what was on it.

  • Now, if this is, in fact the documents from the Dallas P.

  • D on the Kennedy assassination, like you're saying this is a collectible piece tohave, and I can't tell you that without seeing them one way that we could see if these are, in fact a master negative is I would have to look in a microfilm readers, and the only one that I know of that we could probably use is at the public library.

  • Are you cool with that?

  • I'm cool with it.

  • Let's just make sure they are mastered.

  • Negative and let's go from there, is that the master is they'll be really high quality.

  • Correct?

  • Yes.

  • Okay.

  • Sounds like a plan.

  • Sounds great.

  • So each guys, the library.

  • Awesome.

  • So this is it.

  • This is it.

  • That is fancy.

  • Wow.

  • So this is the beginning.

  • So go ahead.

  • Oh, this is cool.

  • How?

  • I want to speak of seriously stuff here.

  • Wait.

  • Here we go.

  • Look at this, guys.

  • Files of the evidence connected with the investigation of the assassination of John F.

  • Kennedy.

  • I'm just trying to find out who actually shot him is their statements of people that were there about four months ago.

  • I received a call from an FBI agent who wanted to know about a slip of paper with a phone number on it.

  • Conspiracy stuff right there.

  • That is the sort of thing where you can go through and actually just sit there and read every piece of information.

  • Oh, this is pretty cool.

  • I guess this is like what they took from Lee Harvey Oswald.

  • Italian 6.5 rifle released.

  • Live around 6.5 shell.

  • And this is this is the actual evidence.

  • I mean, I could look at this stuff for days.

  • Restaurant negative is right there.

  • Yeah, it's master copy.

  • And having worked with microfilm is a very, very dice copy.

  • But a lot of this stuff, and probably all of this is publicly available online.

  • All right, so this is definitely super high quality.

  • Yeah, it's a master negative.

  • All right.

  • Well, thanks, man.

  • I appreciate it.

  • Not a problem, or what I'll be doing is figuring out who killed JFK.

  • All right, so I give you grand for it.

  • I can't do it.

  • All right?

  • Well, no, the thing is, just like I don't even know if I'd be able to sell it.

  • I mean, uh, I'm almost buying this for myself.

  • Yeah, baby.

  • What's your bottom number?

  • I do 10 grand.

  • I give you two grand for that.

  • Be like tops.

  • Yeah.

  • I can't do two grand.

  • Probably a good thing, because if I bought that, I didn't buying one of those less well, flying the librarian, so she couldn't take that out of the machine.

  • I don't want Mr stuff up.

  • It's amazing that I got to see this finally, but I wasn't gonna let it go.

  • 2000 the cinema of as pretty high.

  • It's worth more than that to me.

So the guy in the shop with what he claims is the original microfilm for the Dallas Police Department's report on the assassination of JFK.


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