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  • the politics of fear.

  • Lethal, contagious anxiety engulfing continent after continent Panicking the poor, this food stampede kabira slum No robing Last Friday.

  • Theo Covert 19.

  • Open season for heavy handed policing, tear gas and truncheons.

  • Threats, beatings and humiliation.

  • Quarantines, curfews, discrimination, hopefully riots in crowded jails in Pakistan, doctors and paramedics, alarmed about working without even basic protection, hit with patterns arrested for autocratic leaders.

  • Coronas presented a pretext to stifle dissent and consolidate power.

  • Civil liberties forfeited in the name of the greater good.

  • Even Kim Jong un's clamping down is, if that were possible in North Korea, his commanding the pandemic response there while still finding time to lose off a barrage of missiles this morning.

  • Forza Kratz Love a good pandemic.

  • Xi Jinping demonstrated how it could be done.

  • Invasive surveillance at the cutting edge of his high tech authoritarian response drones.

  • Censorship, mass isolation.

  • Some 21st century strongmen shrugged it, first prioritizing their economies.

  • Trump initially called the virus a hoax, then blamed China before claiming total authority.

  • Yesterday, Brazil's Bolsa Naro branded the reaction as hysteria.

  • The Belarusian president dismissed global alarm as mass psychosis.

  • Others made audacious para grabs Hungary's parliament handed Prime Minister Viktor Orban power to rule by decree indefinitely.

  • Cambodia's Prime Minister Han Sen also granted sweeping emergency powers.

  • Dissenters face 10 Years in jail Protests against Vladimir Putin's latest para grab, stifled by Corona on the newly extended locked down in India, is proving handy for Narendra Modi.

  • Ending weeks of protest, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte granted special emergency powers, surprised no one when he issued a shoot to kill order to security forces faced with unruly curfew violators.

  • I real activity.

  • My orders are so police but the military but the mob a wrong guy, No lo car or no assurance loom Oben.

  • But I'm born in you.

  • I know you guys are Lannon.

  • Shoot them dead Filipino reporters have covered the policing of Manila slums.

  • Now go with 19 now locked down labyrinths of scorer would deter today's deadly drugs.

  • War has not let up.

  • Despite the outbreak, This'll man wasn't wearing a face mask and had a quarantine pass belonging to someone else.

  • In another slide 100 residents turned up what they thought would be a food distribution.

  • Instead, it turned into a hunger protest which was raided by police.

  • 21 were arrested and face up to six months in prison.

  • Inmates in the Philippines Jampacked jails, the world's most overcrowded correctional system aren't tested for Corona virus.

  • They're a covert 19 time bomb on additional 26,000 people have now been arrested for curfew violations.

  • The situation has become increasingly authoritarian.

  • Before this Koran dividers came about and even more.

  • Now, under the public health emergency, you're going to see more protests from the people in.

  • I am afraid that the government would respond with its typical mindset off clamping down, and that can only be solved in more human rights violations and more depression.

  • Taking a cue from the president's dog whistle politics, his sadistic enforcers punished to Children who had violated curfew by forcing them into a coffin, and here five teenagers were locked into a dog cage.

  • This new architecture off repression hasn't gone global just yet, but the virus has lent legitimacy toe authoritarians.

  • The age of intrusion is dawning where surveillance, data harvesting checkpoints and enforcement are deemed permissible and liberty's once taken for granted.

the politics of fear.


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B2 中高級 武漢肺炎 新型冠狀病毒 新冠肺炎 COVID-19

冠狀病毒的鎮壓。專制領導人是否利用Covid-19作為鎮壓的藉口? (Coronavirus crackdown: Are autocratic leaders using Covid-19 as an excuse for repression?)

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