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  • While scientists are trying to find a treatment and a cure for covert 19 testing is a critical part of battling the virus.

  • Trouble is, there simply aren't enough tests out there, and that has some people coming up with a way to make a profit.

  • But don't fall for it, Les Trent reports.

  • It's called the Cove in 19 rapidly bonds test with the prick of the finger It's supposed to tell you in minutes, if you are immune to the deadly virus so far, they're not available to the public.

  • If you see them on the Internet, do not buy them until we can give you a test that's reliable for all Americans.

  • So imagine our surprise when we found these test kits for sale on Craig's list.

  • Get wired up here.

  • Before we made the purchase, we took extra safety precautions down to sanitizing the money.

  • We're gonna make sure we have gloves on our mask, and when he shows up, we do want to be a safe behind me have Charlie, who is the producer.

  • He'll be making the buy, and we have another producer behind us who will be shooting video.

  • So we are all set to go.

  • There he is at our agreed upon rendezvous spot.

  • Ah, parking lot in New Jersey.

  • So what?

  • Everybody freaking out?

  • I don't want to get too close.

  • He tells our producer the bag of tests in his hands are authentic.

  • Legit cash is here on the envelope.

  • After he takes our $400 I introduced myself fever from inside edition.

  • Just have to ask a question about these.

  • First of all, should you be selling these?

  • Yes.

  • Nothing is approved by the FDA for sale.

  • Aren't you sort of taken advantage of this pandemic right now, bandit?

  • I'm not in the business of ripping off people.

  • I'm not here to scam anybody.

  • Sure, I make a little money on this, but I'm not selling garbage.

  • This is what we got.

  • 10 tests Notice no manufacturer's name on the packaging or the kits.

  • Dr.

  • Paul office, an internationally recognized expert on infectious diseases, says no one should be buying test kits this way.

  • Should we be concerned that we purchased test from some guy in the parking lot of a grocery store?

  • So when you're buying a test from China on craigslist, I think that tells you everything you need to know about whether or not you should trust that.

While scientists are trying to find a treatment and a cure for covert 19 testing is a critical part of battling the virus.


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