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  • I guess there's a lot of money.

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  • Bye.

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  • Okay, That was another than I was gonna ask you this calmly.

  • And if you're down, is it your mother?

  • Russell?

  • Miami sees you spot a the O E.

  • Game.

  • You got that?

  • After the story is on the way, A car found out about your mother.

  • Okay, You got a lot of problems for some Poorly.

  • Begin if you're helping me.

  • It was a beginner medic.

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  • And they're your game.

  • Yeah, but what about you?

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  • There you go.

  • That's what years, the the way.

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  • Get the key picture.

  • She and Muriel throw more spitting.

  • See national Medicaid.

  • You think that's enough for today?

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  • Well, they keep alert.

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  • Destiny s gonna get hold of her.

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  • No celebrity cases.

  • You got a meeting in a fly.

Yes, it's really skate freely to is a Greek similar.


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你想去哪個國家?| 輕鬆希臘43 (Which country would you like to visit? | Easy Greek 43)

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