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  • - Sal Khan here from Khan Academy.

  • What you're seeing over the next few videos

  • are analyses of charts and data

  • that are put together by "The New York Times"

  • around trends in wealth, income, and income inequality.

  • Our goal here is to give you extra context,

  • extra ways to analyze the data,

  • maybe a lens that might not be obvious

  • when you first look at some of these graphs.

  • Now all of us here at Khan Academy,

  • our goal, we're a not-for-profit with a mission

  • of providing a free world-class education

  • for anyone, anywhere, is to provide the supports

  • so that you can look at the data

  • and come up with your own judgments.

  • Our goal is not to project any opinion

  • or any view onto you,

  • but to give you the tools you need

  • to form your own beliefs or your own analyses.

  • So take a look at these videos.

  • Hopefully, they will surface insights

  • on some of the data, some of the visualizations

  • that might not have been obvious otherwise,

  • and they inform all of us on a very important debate

  • in the world and especially in this country

  • around how have incomes trended,

  • how has the distribution changed over time,

  • and where might we be going and for what reasons.

- Sal Khan here from Khan Academy.


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B1 中級

分析美國收入和財富趨勢的介紹系列。 (Introduction series analyzing income and wealth trends in the U.S.)

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