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  • hi guys today.

  • I wanted to talk through Monochrome Monochrome is one of my favorite outfit ideas to wear because we'll get into why in a second.

  • But I did want to mention one of my favorite videos.

  • Looking back was a look book that I did called the Magic of Monochrome.

  • So there's plenty of examples of outfits over there I can link you guys to.

  • Going Monochrome is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to have a chic and put together an expensive looking outfit.

  • It's going to make you look so just mature and chic.

  • It's just incredible.

  • Another reason why you might want to do this is because if you need your closet to be more cohesive, then this is a really great way to do.

  • This is to pick one color in particular do.

  • You might not wanna wear one color for the rest of your life, but it is a really great tip.

  • If you are, say, going on a trip, you've got your suitcase and everything inside your suitcase matches, and there's so many outfits that you can create out of that.

  • Okay, now, going into how do I wear monochrome The first thing I want to talk about is texture and cut eso together.

  • These are concepts that you can think about when pairing a top with a bottom and making your outfit feel a little less on the boring side and more on the Oh, I totally thought through this outfit side, So the first thing that you can do is think about cut.

  • Today I'm wearing something that is more structured on top and something flowing on the bottom.

  • So that's one way you can kind of mix up your outfit.

  • And honestly, this is true of any off it, not just monochrome outfits, but think about that where you are wearing some structure and something more unstructured or flowing.

  • That's such an easy way that you can add a little bit of dimension to this outfit.

  • And in that same breath, I would also say that texture goes along with this theory so you can wear something that is, um, like calmer, cleaner up top.

  • And then today I'm wearing more of a linen gauze on the bottom and together thes are pieces that are cohesive because they're the same tone.

  • But then, at the same time, they have a little bit of dimension with the texture.

  • So I remember first hearing about this tip when I was watching HD TV as a young, aspiring child.

  • I just liked to see how people designed their interiors back then.

  • And so in the example that I saw that day.

  • I remember seeing this completely white room and didn't mention was not added by color, but rather by texture.

  • So, you know you can use some sort of shag rug or a shag pillowcase and then add, you know more velvets and just create these little dimensions of smooth and and rough and crinkly.

  • So these are things that you can do with your outfits, too.

  • You can wear things like velvet.

  • You can wear things like linen.

  • I love the pattern that comes from a natural linen, where you can just kind of see the weave that's in it and everything.

  • I just I think that is so cool to just see these natural fabrics, study them and see how they really work for you, and then just layer them, play with it, make it fun.

  • The next way that you can make monochrome not boring is by experimenting with different shades.

  • So just because you're wearing one color doesn't mean that you're wearing literally one color from top to bottom.

  • Necessarily.

  • You also can experiment with different shades.

  • You could be wearing something that's darker on bottom and lighter on top, but they're still in that same shade, so you can do this with any color.

  • It doesn't have to be just neutrals like I really prefer, but you can definitely do this with any color and just stick with one shade from light to dark on runways and red carpets, I've seen the loss of different outfits that have lots of beautiful, bright, vibrant colors.

  • Still, the whole outfit is monochrome.

  • Which brings me to my nice tip, which is Think about accessories.

  • So your shoes, for instance, you could wear the same green in your shoe as you have in your outfit, and that might actually be really cool and cute.

  • But there's other ways to do this to you can make your outfit be one color, and then, if you want your shoes to stand out or be more subtle, you can play with the color of your shoes.

  • You can make your shoes like black if you want them to be more subtle with an outfit that is louder, or you can make your outfit more understated and neutral like I prefer, and then where something that's a red shoe.

  • There's different ways that you can do this and, of course, just theoretically.

  • Just play with these colors and ideas and see how you can make your outfit look a little bit different while still wearing monochrome.

  • Along with that same thinking, you can do this exact same tip with your purse.

  • So if your shoes, for instance, were louder or more subtle or the same color of your outfit, these air all options that you have with your bag other ways that you can play up your whole look, our extended beyond just your outfit.

  • But through things like nails, makeup, accessories in general, any sort of jewelry.

  • That's how you dress up a monochrome outfit like none other.

  • I actually prefer to have my nails be a little bit more subtle, but if that's not your thing, you definitely can add different designs to your nails to either compliment your outfit or make them more contrast, and so that really stand out and highlight your beautiful nails.

  • Ah, same with make up a lot of times for maybe more of a date night.

  • Look, I might do something a little bit more snazzy, but I generally just kind of have the same type of makeup where I've got my cat, I and just a little bit of lipstick and whatnot.

  • But you can definitely play with this, too.

  • You can add a certain type of red lip or any sort of dimension that you want to with your makeup.

  • I've also seen people go extreme with their liners and their makeup in general with ah, very basic or understated outfit.

  • So you can definitely do that, especially with this monochrome idea.

  • One last bonus tip I have for you guys is to wear a print with your monochrome outfit.

  • So for me, this means either a small polka dot or a small floral pattern.

  • Those are the types of patterns and prints that I prefer.

  • But you can definitely do this with anything that you want.

  • Maybe stripes, or maybe some sort of graphic ti thes are tips that really apply to your own personality.

  • And this is a way where you could jazz up a top out of a basic outfit that's monochrome and still give some dimension to your whole outfit.

  • And I just hope that all of these tips just come together for you and make your mornings less hectic, make you feel more put together and more chic.

  • And with that, don't forget to like this video and subscribe and share, and I will see you guys next time.

hi guys today.


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