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  • This is Chang at the fair.

  • And right now with the harder and Megan, would you care to tell everyone about yourselves?

  • Yeah, sure.

  • So my name is Carter.

  • I'm a sophomore in Lever House.

  • I'm from Orange County, California, and I'm sitting here.

  • Science do you serve?

  • I do not serve my body's ER, but I'm just too big to survive.

  • Goes maybe.

  • And I'm a first year living candidate Sunday from summer.

  • Sorry, suffers a Chicago.

  • Okay, I don't know what people do that I can't make a joke, but let's let's take a look at your projects.

  • Way have here is a Harvard marketplace essentially met.

  • Our goal, essentially, is so everyone of the Harvard community could sell any like, used books or like half senior sales at the end of the year, but really just a centralized location to sell old by any items.

  • So right when you log in their shows, an index of all the posted items starting from the most recent.

  • If you want, you can search by category.

  • So if Megan's looking for clothes cheaply on clothes and filter on all items that are missing, their clothes will show up if she wants to do like a more advanced search.

  • She can go to search on typing the X box and a couple of 60.

  • And if you want to buy an item, you click on a few more.

  • Wait, where you going on you?

  • More.

  • You'll get a short description of what the Xbox is like or whatever this was.

  • Turtleneck and sellers contact information so you can email them and then do the transaction independent.

  • Later.

  • If you want posted item, then you go to the cell of Top Navigation Bar and just end with information like a category and post it.

  • And it appears on the index at the most recent post.

  • And let's say that she doesn't want to sell her sweater anymore, or they got hot when she goes to your items and clicks.

  • Delete and it's removed from the database.

  • Looks like it's everything we need for surviving marketplace.

  • What inspired you to so at least a semester, seeing a lot of seniors at least like changing or like trying to, like, sell out your other closet?

  • I'm sending out these large PowerPoint slides of underclothing they have almost chaotic, so we thought having a more centralized location so that they could really reach everybody within the harbor community.

  • It'll be a lot more fishing.

  • Do you have any ideas of how to get people to use this?

  • I guess.

  • Social media.

  • Yeah.

  • Uh, I was thinking some kind of viral marketing campaign way.

  • Get David to lift some of the stuff in his office.

  • People think this interview is gonna go viral.

  • Everyone sign up.

  • Way could make a DVD.

  • You too can autograph that.

  • Hunted on that.

  • They were down more generally.

  • Do you two know what you're concentrating?

  • So right now, considering your science vessel open to anything.

  • So going into this year, I was gonna do applied math.

  • But after taking CS 50 I decided to switch to computer science.

  • Wow.

  • So it was effective on convincing one of you, but yeah, but seriously, you know, CS 50 is a pretty broad for pretty useful.

  • So no matter what consultations go into, hopefully the skills are useful.

  • Great.

  • Well, thanks for talking back to you too.

This is Chang at the fair.


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哈佛市集--2019年CS50展。 (Harvard Marketplace - CS50 Fair 2019)

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