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  • This is trying at the fair, and I now have a Mi Nia and Lauren.

  • Could you tell us about yourselves?

  • So I'm a current sophomore living it with their past studying psychology.

  • I'm also hearing sophomore live in L.

  • A House and study history who These are also very uncommon majors of soon as he takes us.

  • So what is your project about?

  • So I'm alumni chair for the South Asian Association here.

  • Harvard, also current for the Asian American Way, realized that a lot of the alumni information is kind of starting.

  • So you want to create a database at all.

  • Undergraduates and alumni can access to kind of stay in touch with each other and also allow undergraduate students to have access to all of this alumni information way actually going to demo in potentially Asian American.

  • And I am so this might be interesting.

  • Take a look when you first go on our website, you can register or you can log in, and then you're immediately brought to our home page, where we have pictures of past boards este and triple a way.

  • Also show her logos on.

  • Then you can navigate over to the booth for pages where you enter the evacuation year, your house concentration, the current city you're living in your email and which organization of the two of you were a feeling on this information immediately updates the directory page so you can go on and try and find old pockets that school with or if an undergraduate look for specific alumni, they can find them through.

  • And then you can also have your job history just so we can keep track of your whereabouts on.

  • Then what you update that it immediately updates the job history.

  • So has the position.

  • The alumni was in the company.

  • They worked for a description whatever they want to include.

  • And then they're starting and you fear include.

  • If you're interested in, like a specific position, like in this case you're interested in managing, you can simply just click the name and the current city and contact information.

  • Wouldn't I guess you were inspired by virtue of being deal on my chair.

  • Did you meet each other through the course or some other way actually needed to go?

  • Of course, we were thinking about things that way.

  • Time might be a nice way to actually about something, our own organizations.

  • You're sort of a bond with Asian culture groups on campus.

  • In a sense, that's a perfect subway.

  • Almost your experience overall life.

  • I think I really enjoyed it.

  • I think looking back on like how much we've learned, especially just comparing the first piece that we did to, like now, being able to do this bold excite like I think like I'm most proud of, like our amazing Thio Think about caper started with honestly, not very much to be able to go through with this big project.

  • That's really good.

  • Yeah, that's what courses for, I think, especially because you could choose, like your own project idea.

  • So is finally getting to, like, take the training wheels off and do what way?

This is trying at the fair, and I now have a Mi Nia and Lauren.


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SAA×AAA數據庫--2019年CS50展。 (SAA x AAA Database - CS50 Fair 2019)

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