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  • How long you been driving the bus?

  • Yeah, that a choice job in here.

  • My picture.

  • I've been riding this bus for a long time.

  • You know a lot about prison here.

  • How you feel about this place.

  • I like it.

  • Fine.

  • I got no problem.

  • I think it's strange job being inside it.

  • No, President.

  • Mine.

  • What happens if you don't act up to the inmates?

  • Whatever.

  • They're trying to be a nice guy.

  • I don't want to be me.

  • I mean, guys, nice.

  • What happened?

  • Right.

  • You think this place is given some of these guys a chance to get them to get themselves back together?

  • It is if they think right, let's sit down and loving themselves, right?

  • They look at themselves.

  • And that's what this, uh what time does your chance look yourself over and find out what you want?

  • Everybody shows since there's a hell of a lot of humor tell us something funny things You tell me something funny.

  • Well, I've seen a guy in here that day Everybody put down your coat Used to work for me in the brush shop.

  • Used to work for me in the shop, laugh in the morning.

  • laugh at night.

  • He did his time the best cut a lot of guys despite him because he couldn't find you over in a point.

How long you been driving the bus?


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35年的高階保全讓他變得憤世嫉俗 (35 Years A Maximum Security Guard Made Him Cynical)

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