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  • And today, of course, is good Friday.

  • Assalam, spiritually day in normal times, steeped in ritual and community.

  • But as we enter this holy weekend for many, worship will be strictly between the individual and their God.

  • Our Terry Moran reports on this good Friday, the darkness seems deeper.

  • Look at ST Peter's Square in Rome tonight, usually thronged with Holy Week Pilgrim's eerily almost empty Onley.

  • Pope Francis presiding while a small group, including doctors and nurses, prayed this Stations of the Cross, an ancient devotion that marks the suffering and death of Jesus on the cross.

  • Kristen, also Senor.

  • Oh, God, do not leave us.

  • In the darkness and shadow of death, the pope parade across the world.

  • No great solemn ceremonies anywhere, no emotional processions through cities and towns, even in the Holy Land.

  • Just a few of the faithful gathered Theo at the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, still gutted by last year's terrible fire.

  • A service held in a side chapel captured the loneliness and the ruin of this year's Good Friday around the world.

  • Do Feess ages satis fy I'm in.

  • If the Corona virus pandemic seems to have sharpened people's sense of mortality and dread.

  • For Christians, the true meaning of Good Friday is ultimately revealed on Easter Sunday in celebration of Christ's resurrection, New York's Cardinal speaking from his resident that some Jesus works, he turns our sufferings into healing.

  • He turns evil into good.

  • He turns death into life.

  • And we got to remember this this good Friday in the U.

  • S.

  • A few church leaders are still defying locked down orders and planning to hold Easter service is they're trying to take down our great nation by shutting the doors to the church, but we will not let them.

  • Nothing is going to detour that Easter sanity service from the curry.

  • Some churches are finding a middle ground.

  • MacGyver in church, you might say, like this German pastor who took over a drive in movie theater for service Is worshippers staying in their cars listening on car speakers.

  • But most churches will remain closed, most of the faithful at home in some ways, like the first Christians who remembered Jesuswords wherever two or three are gathered, they're M I.

  • Terry Moran, ABC News, Washington Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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And today, of course, is good Friday.


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基督徒孤立地遵守耶穌受難日 (Christians observe Good Friday in isolation)

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